Erdogan: Turkey Will Never Allow a New State in Northern Syria

Says Such a State Would Threaten Southern Turkish Provinces

In a major weekend speech on policy and on Turkey’s ongoing invasion of northern Syria, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed that Turkey would “never allow” the founding of any sort of new state in northern Syria, insisting such an independent state would threaten southern Turkish provinces.

Though Erdogan did not specify a particular state, Turkey is clearly most worried about the establishment of an independent state in Western Kurdistan, the area in Syria’s northeast, and it would inevitably increase the independence movement across the rest of Kurdistan, including the Turkish southeast.

Erdogan indicated that after taking te city of al-Bab, which Turkey is currently trying to take from ISIS, they intend to invade the Kurdish-held city of Manbij, and then continue eastward into the ISIS capital of Raqqa, itself currently being invaded by US and Kurdish forces.

Erdogan also said a no-fly zone across northern Syria remains a top priority, and that he intends to push US President-elect Donald Trump on the issue. Trump is unlikely to be open to such a move, however, as the no-fly zone has been presented primarily as a move against Russia and the Syrian government, and Trump has called for a shift in policy toward fighting ISIS and away from regime change.

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  • lars

    Kurds are fighting ISIL. If America really wants to destroy The jihadis they have to Support the Kurds. Erdogan is a jihadi, not a Partner to achieve Peace.

    • Yonatan

      Kurds have joined ISIS. One of the two Turkish soldiers recently burnt to death by ISIS was an ethnic Kurd. The oil looted by the Kurds was used to launder the oil looted by ISIS, enabling ISIS to rapidly fund itself. Talk about shades of gray.

    • eric

      I agree with you but America will forsake the Kurds again just like they have done every time . We can’t forsake our NATO ally Turkey . Trump may bring different American ideas if he can form good relations with Russia He says he will defeat the Killers , That might not be so good for Erdogan and his Islamic Caliphate

  • wootendw

    If Turkey didn’t want a state in northern Syria, Erdogan shouldn’t have backed ISIS. It appears that Erdogan has figured out now that a Kurdish state is what the USG wanted and also that the USG was behind the coup attempt – and it was the Russians who alerted him. What needs to happen is for Syria to be put back the way it was.

    • eric

      Turkey did want a ISIS state in Syria but not a Kurdish State . I would rather have a Kurdish state in Syria Iraq and Turkey . But Turkey is safely a NATO state , So Turkey thinks they can do anything . Erdogan is more aligned with ISIS than with NATO . I think he is dreaming of recreating the Ottoman empire A pure Islamic state . But NATO has been going both ways for more than thirty years either supporting Nazis or Islamic extreamists Anybody that are beheading Christians . , Both equally as bad . We Just don’t know what the north American Terrorist organization will do. But we do know NATO will kill a lot of people and lie about every thing they do . So if Trump wants to finish NATO by getting every one to pay their fair share . That probably will work . Most informed citizens in all NATO countries recognize NATO for what it is . A gang of terrorists .

    • Yonatan

      The people who whispered in his ear ‘do this one little thing for us and we will support your EU application’ didn’t tell him that Plan B was to establish a Kurdish zone to break the link between Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

      • Bianca

        You got this right. Those people had been given an opportunity when the rulling party gave mandate to Davutoglu to form the governmrnt with intention to get a deal with EU and US. The period between November 2015 and May 2016 was a last ditch effort. Erdogan and his faction

    • eric

      I wish you were right But I doubt the USG was behind the coup I think Erdogan himself was behind the coup So he could crack down harder and eliminate all competition before it could even start . I also don’t believe the USG has eve wanted a Kurdish state . They have always just used the Kurds when its convenient . Now of course Trump maybe different expect changes that lead to peace with every one .And the USA keeping their nose clean .

  • eric

    I sure seem to be interested in everything you write about .m sorry for making to many comments but I just can’t help myself .

  • Halit

    Any new established State is migraine to Turkey until end of times.
    Even to consider to allow this to happens it is insult to intelligence of Turkish people.
    So this is another tricks to establish Kurdish state ? Over the dead body of 80 millions Turks.