Swedish Towns Told to Prepare for War With Russia

Swedish Towns Told to Prepare for War With Russia | Urged to move operations centers to underground bunkers

Adding to the seemingly endless flurry of moves anticipating a full-scale world war centering on the Baltic Sea, Sweden’s Civil Contingency Agency has sent letters to every town and village in the country advising them to make preparations for a possible war against Russia.

The letter said the towns should ensure that their emergency sirens work, and should prepare to move operations centers into underground bunkers for the conflict, adding that they should be open to substantial cooperation with the Swedish military.

The Agency’s head of civil defense operations, Magnus Dyberg-Ek, insisted the move was the result of a worsening “security situation in our neighborhood,” saying Sweden had to make preparations over the threat of war breaking out. Other officials indicated a lot of the measures in place are the same as those during the Cold War.

City officials, however, complained they’d neither been provided details on what they’re actually required to do, or any indication of how they’re supposed to pay for these new measures, with many of the municipalities simply lacking the sort of funds to pay for a sudden war.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • RickR35

    Dumb Euroneocons.

  • Mike Ehling

    What is it now, thirty-five more days that Obama still has to start WW3?

    • Tecumseh1768

      Yea, but he just bounced for Hawaii.

  • dieter heymann

    These idiots seem to believe that Czar Peter is still alive and is ruling Russia. This is pure, untreated hysteria.
    Putin will only act if the Swedes and Danes commit the crazy act of closing the Sont waterway for Russian ships. Or if NATO would mine the exit from St. Petersburg and Kronstad.

  • AriusArmenian

    NATO is the great danger of our time.
    Why would Russia want to take on the basket case Baltic republics?
    Russia doesn’t want the headache of Ukraine.
    It is NATO warmongers that must be stopped.

    • outer_rl

      The Baltic States aren’t exactly basket cases, they’re well run republics with very high living standards, good trade and budget balances, and copious natural resources.

      However, as you say, Russia has no logical region to invade them, as Russia has even greater natural resources, and no funds to pay for new wars.

  • outer_rl

    Out of the Nordic states, Sweden seems to be the one that’s unfortunately had it’s government totally captured by the US/CIA. They apprehend Assange for the Americans, they they whip up hysteria for them. It seems to be the policy of the neo liberal government there to be as subservient as possible to US state department policy.

  • Henry Hartmann (Torpedo)

    Watching all of these western politicians, and military types talk themselves into a paranoid delusion that Russia is going to attack them, would be hilarious, except for the fact that this is a most terrifying and world ending situation. Every one of these clowns need to be put into straight jackets and put into rubber rooms.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Paranoia runs deep .. into your heart it will creep ..

  • Tecumseh1768

    They might want to practice for the Russian invasion by defending themselves against the ongoing muslim invasion.

  • lemur

    > adding that they should be open to substantial cooperation with the Swedish military.

    That should be the Russian military then.

    Anyway, isn’t there a Finland between Sweden and Russia? Except if an invasion force emerges from Kaliningrad and attacks via the Baltic Sea. Sounds StarWarsy.