CIA Claims Russia Intervened to Get Trump Elected

CIA Provides No Evidence, But Claims 'Consensus View'

Unnamed officials are saying that the CIA has issued a secret assessment claiming that Russia not only intervened in last month’s US presidential election, but did so explicitly to get President-elect Donald Trump elected

The report emerged just hours after President Obama was announced to have ordered a “full review” into the allegations Russia had attempted to interfere in the election, but takes the allegation much farther, as the limited statements from intelligence agencies on the matter had previously speculated that if Russia did do anything, it was to try to put the US election process in doubt, not to elect Trump.

The allegations that Russia was bent on getting Trump elected came primarily from the Clinton campaign, which tried to present Trump as a sort of Manchurian candidate, with Clinton herself going so far as to call Trump “Putin’s puppet” in the final presidential debate.

The CIA’s claims appear to dramatically undercut the rest of the government’s narrative, which includes a White House confirmation that there was no measurable increase in cyber activity around the election, nor any indication Russia had planned any malicious cyber activity for the US election.

That the allegations are coming out of the CIA at all is noteworthy, as the investigation into the allegations against Russia was carried out by the FBI, and all indications were that they had come up empty. With no evidence, the FBI was unwilling to issue any statements supporting the accusations.

The CIA offered no real evidence themselves, simply making some references to unnamed people involved in leaking data to WikiLeaks being somewhat close to the Russian government. WikiLeaks denied Russia was the source of the leaks long ago.

Indeed, that the CIA is not only suddenly involved, but suddenly at the forefront, may well reflect President-elect Trump’s stated policy intentions being far removed from those that the CIA has endorsed, and might be done with an eye toward undermining Trump’s position in those upcoming policy battles.

At the center of those Trump vs. CIA battles is Syria, as the CIA has for years pushed to move away from the ISIS war and toward imposing regime change in Syria. Trump, by contrast, has said he intends to end the CIA-Saudi program arming the Syrian rebels, and focus on fighting ISIS. Trump was even said to be seeking to coordinate anti-ISIS operations with Russia.

The CIA allegations could easily imperil that plan, as so long as the allegations remain part of the public discourse, evidence or not, anything Trump does with respect to Russia is going to have a black cloud hanging over it.

The Trump transition team issued a statement mocking the allegations, noting “these are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” That’s indeed the case, though ominously these same people managed to drive American policy for years on end with those false allegations.

While the Obama Administration has insisted their own “full review” won’t change the outcome of the election, and indeed Obama aides suggested they won’t publicly release the results, the accusations seem set to last long after Trump’s inauguration, and have set the stage for a major battle between the next president and the CIA

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  • John Driessler

    Someone should tell Trump to avoid Dealy Plaza.

  • Mike

    Oh right, and the CIA is so honest that we should believe what they say, give me a break.

  • armdkny


  • Caesar_Saladin

    Sooooo now we have ‘intelligence assessments by consensus’ without any real evidence to show. Are these same guys on Team Global Warming by any chance?

  • lordbaldric

    Translation: The CIA wanted Hillary to win and now see their insane plans in peril.

  • Mikhailovich

    It looks some people started to worry about their narco business.

  • Mark Thomason

    When the truthful documents began to reveal things damaging to Hillary’s campaign, her campaign began to spread lies about it all.

    They said the documents were fake, knowing full well they were not. They pushed that on a vast array of media contacts, who spread the lie throughout the MSM.

    They also tried to shift the subject to who dared to release the truth about Hillary. They did not really know, so that was a lie too. They just made that up too. Again, the MSM spread it.

    Now it is again offered by the same suspects, anonymous sources relating conclusions without evidence. Always it is an excuse, ignoring that the “damage” was telling the truth about a liar.

    Now they don’t really think they can get Hillary into office. What they want now is to keep the corporate servants of the status quo in control of the Democratic Party, just as they did with Hillary.

  • dahoit

    Donald,break the CIA into little pieces of shite,instead of the massive turd they are,the most un-beneficial agency in America,a bunch of ziomonsters for zion.
    And then get the FCC to end zions hold over our traitor media.

  • JP McEvoy

    If Trump really wants to drain the swamp, that would be a good place to start.

    • surrealistodefierros

      You can drain the swamp, but the alligators will still be there.

      • JP McEvoy

        Make boots out of them.

  • surrealistodefierros

    Evidence. Show the American people The Evidence behind this “secret claim” and allow for full public scrutiny and comment. Sunlight and truth are important for a Real Democracy, if that, indeed, is what we actually still have. Otherwise, we should all be so wary (as we were not with Iraq) and call Bullshit on the Bullshitters, for once and for all.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    JFK wanted to destroy the CIA .. and now they’re worse than ever.

  • the Late Idi Armin

    Its the CIA fighting for its life battling with the Pentagon.

  • wootendw

    There certainly is foreign meddling in US government policy but it is not coming from Russia. The countries that have much greater influence than Russia on ‘our’ government are the Sunni-dominated Persian Gulf oil states including the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and, of course, that bastion of human rights, Saudi Arabia.

    Oil money from these states has found its way into influential think tanks including the Brookings Institution, the Atlantic Council, the Middle East Institute and the Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies and others. All of these institutions should be registered as foreign agents and any cleared US citizen should have his or her clearance REVOKED if they do any work for these organizations, either as a contractor or employee. And these Gulf states have all been donating oil money to US (and UK) universities so lets include the foreign studies branches of some US universities in the registry of foreign agents, too.

    And also, there are arms sales. Arm sales to Saudi/Gulf States come with
    training. With training comes military ties, foreign policy ties and even intelligence ties. Saudi Arabia, with other Gulf oil states as partners, practically owns the CIA now. Arms companies who sell deadly weapons to the Gulf States, in turn, donate money to Congressmen and now own politicians such as Senators Graham and McCain. It’s no wonder Graham wants to help his pals – er owners. So what we have here (‘our’ government) is institutionalized influence, if not outright control, of US foreign policy by some of the most vicious states on the planet, especially Saudi Arabia – whose religious police have been known to beat school girls fleeing from burning buildings because they didn’t have their headscarves on.

    As Hillary’s 2014 emails have revealed, Qatar and Saudi Arabia support ISIS and were doing so about the same time as ISIS was sweeping through Syria and Iraq, cutting off the heads of Christians, non-Sunnis and just about anyone else they thought was in the way. The Saudi/Gulf States are the driving force to get rid of Assad and that is dangerous as nuclear-armed Russia protects him. If something isn’t done about this, the Gulf oil states may get US into a nuclear war with Russia – and won’t care in the least.

    • the Late Idi Armin

      those are important factors but those middle east players don’t control the machine for instance Sheldon Adelson for all his Isreal promotion doesn’t base himself in Isreal. You need partners in DC.

      • wootendw

        Sorry, but I am not going to Israel.

      • Bianca

        And Haim Saban. The two are a story all by itself. This is why Republican establishment is running scared. They can either lose monry bsgs or voters. So far they have been betting sgainst Trump. They did not really back him up in fener election. The “conservative” FOX js still spouting pure neocon rubbish and act as if their ideogy won — ignoring Trump voters.

        Trump has been brilliant by taking his coreign policy on the rkad — talking to his supporters about foreign policy. And he is saying same things after be won as he did before winning. Very proud of him. Ignoring DC think tanks and pundits. Time for many i
        of those talking heads to retire.

        • the Late Idi Armin

          lets us wait and see how good Mr Trump will be. after all Barry came in spouting good intentions and look what happened to that.
          Trump was great for republican senators and congressmen. he took all the heat off them from republican voters. if it was bush who was the republican candidates they would be on the street now.

    • dahoit

      A zionist mole speaks and leaves out the real interference in American politics,zion,
      Shirley you can’t be serious?
      Is it time to visit the gun store?

  • John Wells

    Revealing the crookedness of Hillary and the DNC is not “intervening”; none of that was made up news. Furthermore, what was Obama doing in England talking down Brexit the week or two before the vote? Wouldn’t that be called interfering in a foreign election? And then there is the US actions in negating free and fair elections in Ukraine by “interfering and financing” the mobs overthrowing the last legal democratically elected leader of Ukraine. Ditto – Iran 1953. Ditto the assassination of Diem in Vietnam.

  • Let me share what the CIA really thinks about Russia and Syria

    Aug 9, 2016 Kill Russians, kill Iranians, scare Assad!

    Ex CIA deputy Mike Morell – Aug 8 – Charlie Rose

  • Brooklyn Dave

    One should take a look at today’s NYTimes More headlines emblazoned with “it’s the Russian’s fault”

  • John Wells

    Obviously a bunch of budget cuts can be made in the Intelligence Community if 17 separate agencies are involved in the same intel gathering.

  • wars r u.s.

    If Russia did everything the CIA said, so what? What would we do under the same circumstances? Oh wait, we would meddle until we got the candidate we wanted and then would claim we did it to keep Americans safe.

    • dahoit

      I’m sure the Russians believed MSM predictions of the Hell bitches victory as most Americans did.
      Why would they jeopardize their relationship with HRC if they knew this,and make poor relations worse?
      Trump vs CIA;Go Donald!

  • muggles

    More Fake News from the capital of fake news, Washington DC.
    What is interesting about this supposed story is that it has no verifiable sources. Just “secret” reports and vague references to sources, all of which we are supposed to take on face value. The government wouldn’t lie to us, would it?
    The Hillary Camp is almost past “denial” as a grief stage. The Jill Stein recount ploy can’t work. They are also working on corrupting Trump electors, but that won’t work either.
    So they are moving on to “anger” by ginning up fake news about the evil Russians and other claims about how Trump “stole” the election using various 3rd party (and foreign) actors.
    It is the coy blame game, citing Big Brother CIA and the rest of these mysterious truth tellers on the federal payroll. “Oh, we can’t tell you how we know it, but trust me, it’s all true.”
    And yet these people constantly attack Trump for his supposed “fact free” claims. And these creeps still have no clue why Hillary lost.

  • This was kind of what I’d hoped would happen with a Trump election. The imperialists are eating each other over who to kill first.

  • David S

    CIA claims it had nothing to do with the assassination of JFK, RFK, or MLK either. LOL.

  • Glenn

    Its amazing how fast ‘fake news’ from the WaPo gets promoted and linked to on this site. Glenn Greenwald at the Intercept does a wonderful job of showing what a piece of junk this article really is. But of course, all the readers of this site see is the fake news from WaPo. Not a real source in the whole piece. Just a bunch of off-the-record, unnamed officials saying what they think the CIA might know. This of course is standard operating proceedure in Washington. The only surprise is that this site leaps so very, very fast to make it front page news.

    • dahoit

      Reporting that the CIA are a bunch of traitors is unworthy of reportage?

  • Waka_waka_world

    The same CIA that tricked us into the Iraq war with Hussein’s “WMDs”

    The real fake news outlets are the MSM outlets… they are in a panic mode because more and more people are tuning them out and getting truthful reporting from trusted sources on the internet..

  • Halit

    Old political establishment won’t go peacefully.
    CIA is big part of the bleeding establishment and they would do their best to demonised President elect Trump.
    CIA, most likely still try to come up where is the weapon of mass distraction.
    Maybe it’s in Russia?
    Maybe sending letter to Putin threatening him with this accusation ask him to prove saying : if it is not in Russia then where are the WOMD?
    That will teach him a lesson.
    CIA accusing Russia and undermining Trump is enough reason to summon CIA.

  • RickR35

    Can we just highlight this bit one more time and rejoice:

    The Trump transition team issued a statement mocking the allegations, noting “these are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”

    I’m really liking this transition team, whoever they are. We wouldn’t hear this sort of statement from an Obama team or Bush team in a trillion years.

  • Bianca

    Isn’t CIA now almost fully privatized, with very few sworn govrrnment employed and government controled staff? The privatized ones are having split loyalty — their company’s interests or the interests of the country? As far as I know even the summary report for the president is produced by a contractor. It is amazing how they point out with pleasure that Lt. General Flynn was pushed out. After putting the interest of the country ahead of his personal interests and stood up against US government –namely CIA funding terror groups.

    He needs go cancell contracts with companies operating CIA, restructure and reduce the number of agencies and pull back trully secret and highly sensitive information back into the hands of government.

  • dahoit

    Destroy the CIA Donald,and the world and US will cheer!
    A collection of ziomonsters.

  • Bianca

    Translation. Trump will be assimilated, resistance is futile. System fighting the incoming president before he has the power to do anything about it. It does seem strange that they are not realizing that their ering excess is only hurting them in the eyes of ordinary people. Now that election is over — even many democrats and liberals can see the ridiculousness of it all. Majority in US are not blind Hillary supporters snd are capable of remembering Iraq fiasco. And are wondering now what games is establishment playing to try to undercut the maverrick president. But their moves are boneheaded. Example is the “fake news” fiasco. By attacking many internet media with long history of anti interventionism and others that are just plain conservative in their attitudes about government — they have just increased not decreased the interest in media such as RT. which incidentally is bead and shoulders above CNN in quality reporting, documentaries and just plain common sense. All they did was attract attention to their own massive biases. Same with pushing CIA “findings”, as if media audience has not been convinced before “evidence” such as alluminum tubes and yellowcake uranium from Niger. Did not we see on all channels the elaborate drawings of supposedly massive underground network of tunnels and facilities for weapons of massive destruction. They knew they were lying — but with no consequences, they push on. Now they are taking in a power that has a nuclear parity with US and are determined to find a reason for fight. Again, bone headed. Are voters to believe the collection of media pundits, and establishment losers on both lefr and right?. FOX is still acting as if they won election and are full of advice/ordering what the President should do. They are still not getting it. Draining the swamp may be the hardest task of them all.

  • JdL

    The United States, of course, would never try to influence another nation’s elections, so is in an excellent position to look down its nose and judge everyone else.

  • Selous Scouts

    The CIA created, armed, and financed the fake terrorist group we were told did 9-11, Al-CIA-DUh, and shares partial responsibility for the other fake terrorist group “ISIS” Perhaps the CIA is worried that Trump is going to put a stop to their plans to nation wreck secular Syria, secular Lebanon, and their planned WWIII with non-Arab majority Shia Iran.

  • Hetro

    from Jason’s first link (which is WAPO)

    “. . . intelligence agencies do not have specific
    intelligence showing officials in the Kremlin ‘directing’ the identified
    individuals to pass the Democratic emails to Wikileaks”

    It’s all assumption and smoke-blowing. Again.

  • GeorgyOrwell

    They would never lie to you.

  • GeorgyOrwell

    Seems like the sage is set for very rocky and contentious relationship between the intelligence (sic) community and the DOD, especially when Trump is going after the revolving door of procurement and defense contractors, as well as the new-con agenda and the NWO.

    I suggest Donald Trump better be very very careful. These are twisted vicious evil sick people who play very very dirty as JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon and Malcolm X, all found out the hard way. If he fu-ks with their gravy train, could be big trouble.

  • Adriaan de Leeuw

    well for a change they have been at the other end of regime change! AND THEY DO NOT LIKE IT!

  • KurtConception

    Hey, weren’t we told on this very site that China would meekly assent to Trump’s Taiwanese phone call?

    China flew a long-range nuclear-capable bomber outside China for the first time since President-elect Donald Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan, two US officials told Fox News.

    The dramatic show of force was meant to send a message to the new administration, according to the officials. It marks the second time Beijing flew bombers in the region since Trump was elected.

    Even more concerning for the Pentagon, China has been seen by American intelligence satellites preparing to ship more advanced surface-to-air missiles to its contested islands in the South China Sea.