Allies Warn Trump Against Cooperating With Russia Over Syria

Allies Warn Trump Against Cooperating With Russia Over Syria | Western officials insist joint anti-ISIS ops would backfire

Most of the griping from Western countries about President-elect Donald Trump’s prospective foreign policy has centered on the idea of him not being sufficiently pro-NATO, and not picking enough fighters with Russia in Eastern Europe. Today that looks to be expanding into Syria.

Western allies are now warning Trump against following through with his plan to shift his focus in Syria away from trying to impose regime change and toward fighting ISIS, and are particularly warning that any cooperation with Russia in fighting ISIS will backfire.

French officials openly opposed the idea of shifting the war entirely toward fighting ISIS, insisting that Islamist groups would just reform unless the West imposed some sort of political solution on the country, one which presumably involves regime change.

Britain’s MI-6 chief echoed those beliefs, saying that Europe can’t be safe from the threats of Syria unless the civil war ends in such a way as would satisfy the Sunni majority and “not just a minority of its people and their international backers.”

This is in keeping with a lot of the Obama Administration officials’ position on the Syrian Civil War, but with the rebels losing more and more territory, it isn’t clear that continuing to try to install the ever-weakening, and increasingly Islamist-leaning rebels as the new “pro-West” government is even an option.

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  • richard young

    So our (US) position ought to be that the previously non-sectarian government of Syria must be replaced by a Sunni-majority sectarian government? Or that the nation of Syria needs to be broken up into self-governing Sunni, Kurdish and other (Shia, Christian, etc.) sectarian regions? We have heard that logic applied by our “leaders” (both Democratic and Republican) in Washington with respect to Iraq and other nations about which our “leaders” claim to know more than the peoples who inhabit those nations. There have been no positive results from that kind of logic thus far; to the contrary, we have only seen more destruction and loss of life in all of the nations in which our Government has intervened. Much as I despise Donald Trump, if he really acts upon his pledge to put an end to US “regime change” activities around the globe, he will have my full support in that regard.

    • Bianca

      And what fake MSM news fail to say is that Assad’s Syria has an Army that is MAJORITY SUNNI. Never do we hear that the heads of all religious authorities — Sunni, Shia and Christian — stand by Syrian government. Only Saudi sponsored Salafis that want their Caliphate — are against the Government. The population rejected tthe cult and prevented the catastrophy. Our MSM is in mourning. First Trump, then loss of their favorite heros, the beadchoppers of Aleppo. How about getting some real news from the peoe that escaped. It does look like there are horrendous stories coming out of the ruins. And Syria aldo has female soldiers in various divisions. MSM never showed them. Or bad an interview with Syrian first lady. Sunni are the most westernized in Syria, along with Christians. This is why the radical Salafism had no appeal to them and this is why the Su njs of Syria saved the country as a majority, and this is why Christians, Shia, Lebanese Hez bolah and Palestinisns joined Army or formed their own militia helping Army. Majority rejected Saudi attempt at taking the country back to Mide Ages.

      • Mikronos

        Syrians didn’t have a problem with each other, or their government, before the US first scrambled the national economy by cutting-off access to IMF loans and grants and then fomenting the Arab Spring celebrations there.

    • Mikronos

      No, our ‘position’ should be outside the Syria somewhere. Preferrably unarmed.

      • Selous Scouts

        Is it just “coincidence” that the same nations General Wesley Clark said that jubilant (dual citizen) state dept creeps rushed into his office after the (false flag op) on 9/11, claiming that (because of the false flag op on 9/11) were going to be bombed or invaded by the US now (because of the false flag op on 9/11)?

  • lordbaldric

    I like Russia a lot more than many of our supposed “allies”.

    • Mikronos

      The US accidentally killed 80 Iraqi servicemen in a mistaken strike on Mosul to-day. it bombed Assad’s troops in Deir Ez Zor ‘by mistake’ and kills civilians the same way with sickening regularity. The Russians have yet to be caught making such a mistake.

      • eric

        It has been impossible to tell who our enemy is for the last thirty years of U.S. bombing campaignes

        • Bianca

          Very good point. The brutal enemy is always someone not liked by neocons.

  • Tuyzentfloot

    The question raised by UK’s and France’s policy choices is , more even than with the US: are they just doing other countries’ bidding?

    The US may be more important but compared to the US I sometimes get the impression the policies of the UK and france are way more outrageous.

    • lemur

      European leadership is completely crazed in a way where the word “traitor to their nations” reaches fact levels. These people commingle

      1) the fantasy of liberal interventionism abroad / integration and do-gooderism at home (calls about which they have grown up with, indeed the popular pressure for “virtue signaling” and fake outrage over anything “fascist” is immense)

      2) the call of economic expansionism (i.e. lining the pockets of large industrial conglomerates)

      3) the desire and need to follow the US (NATO is a big beast) for personal political survival

      4) melancholy for colonial empires past in the case of France and the UK. France and the UK were the first out the door to bomb Ghaddafi for democracy (more like for getting lucrative oil markets and making the noisy guy “no longer a factor”, right? Instead you get ISIS and immigrants, great stuff!)

      Add to this that in a communitarian effort, no-one is going to do the right thing because that would rock the boat.

      Recently we have had:

      > Unintegrable economic immigrants from Africa continue to pour in and are supposed to received with open arms (anything else is “fascism”) but can’t find work easily in any case because (because bureaucracy and cultural barriers). Conditions getting worse.
      > Visa-free travel for the Ukraine and Georgia is now a thing (Georgia is in Europe? Right?)
      > Pussyfooting around with sick islamist man Turkey. Fingers are wagged while Turkey blackmails Europe about Visa-free access lest they “open the floodgates of immigration”. I suppose a compromise to send a few billion freshly printed EUR into Erdo’s bank account will eventually be found.
      > Constructed panics over Russia continue. Recently Putin was accused of attacking german home routers to undermine democracy. Hell, The UK passed a world-first law on pervasive surveillance of citizens’ Internet activity, no questions were asked. If that had been Russia, the wails would have been enormous.

    • Mikronos

      France egged the US into ‘doing’ Syria and the Brits or rather their late war leader Dave Cameron were looking for a piece of the action. Of course the idea, like ‘doing Libya’ or doing Ukraine, or helping the Saudis ‘do’ Yemen, sounded just great. It is, still, that New American Century and he was a ‘new’ American President.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    In a PEACEFUL world, our Allies should be Russia and China instead of the Ziocon war mongers that want us to be part of Israel. It’s time for a new CLEAN BREAK from the Ziocon LIARS in Washington. Drain the swamp!

  • unam_sanctum

    New leadership is coming to Europe. They will be the ones to tell the U.S. to leave – and they will rescind NATO !!

    • Mikronos

      Geez that is something earnestly to be desired. Where do I donate?

  • CuriousNC

    So they are advocating intervention for and appeasement of Salafi Jihadist. Its 1938, Munich, all over again. The US should stay out of it to avoid more blow back. Its a regional, European, and Russian problem now so let them deal with it. They have something at stake because the Sunni majority can easily travel to any one of those countries by foot. Its a lot harder to get to the US. The Europeans hate Russia and Russia is making enemies of the Sunni majority so the Europeans should stop trying to get the US to fight nuclear Russia for them. Russia already has an enemy that will follow it home if the Salafist dreams of a caliphate are dashed.

    • John Wells

      Hitler wanted war in 1938, Munich delayed it and many modern historians now take a different view of Chamberlain and his “buying time” to re-arm.

  • LX5

    “civil war ends in such a way as would satisfy the Sunni majority”

    The Assad government was never anti Sunni, as the Hussein government in Iraq was never anti Shiite. Actually the Taliban were never anti American.

  • Mikronos

    The US has no business fighting ISIS in Syria. Look after the mess made in Iraq (and few other places) and leave Syria to Assad and the Russians. With the emphasis on LEAVE …. as in stop supporting ‘rebels’ and leave Syria alone.

    • eric

      If the U.S. did like you say the war would be over . Maybe would have never started . But I think Russia and China would like to Kill the traveling Jihadists that are still fighting in Syria , They don’t any of them to come back home to China or Russia

  • eric

    Why should not the two most Christian countries get along .But we might have to give up our position of leader of the NATO criminal gang . Now that we finally have a president that favors truth over lies . The possibility of honest dialog with Russia is almost a given .

  • RickR35

    The world will be better off with Russia as an ally of the US, than all the current so-called allies.

  • Bianca

    The neocon international is mounting an offensive. Their beloved oligarchs who stole Russian assets are finally brought under control after Putin drained the swamp. And since Russian stock market outperformed expectations by far — the economy being in tatters, as Obama put it — has not fullfilled. Making nekcons go absolutely mad with rage.
    Neocons in Washington for some reason took all of this very personally. Cooperation against brutal terrorist groups should happen withouth a problem. The problem remains MSM –as they would cuddle the assorted groups as presumed “revutionaries”. They need to give them “safe space” with crayons so they can express their need for headchopping. Russia has them beat — and much of it should have happened sooner where it not for Kerry’s ceasefires and rewarding the terrorists as they have never been held accountable for executing civilians, or kudnapping theit children.

    • Selous Scouts

      The native Orthodox Christians took back their nation from the mass murdering satanic Bolsheviks when they collapsed the Soviet Union, unfortunately many of the Bolsheviks, and their Red Diaper baby offspring came to the US, seized power and morphed into the Liberal Globalist Neocons & cultural marxist liberal DemonRats

  • Strider73

    All the more reason to disband NATO.

  • polistra24

    The countries that “interfered” Hillary don’t like the country that “interfered” Trump. Nothing new about any of this. Other countries have been “interfering” our politics ever since France “interfered” a revolution against Britain in 1776.

  • Selous Scouts

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the end to the zio-masonic plans to nation wreck secular Syria, secular Lebanon, and their planned WWIII with non-arab majority Shia Iran. Like Orwell said in the prophetic “1984” everything is the opposite. Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah are the good guys not the bad guys, and the good guys, wahabbi sponsors Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, & Israel are the bad guys supporting the fake terrorist groups Al-CIA-duh & “ISIS”

  • Frank Discussion

    The West is getting everything it deserves. I am so sick of americans

  • Alec White

    That’s how US is manipulated to defend other countries’ national interests to the detriment of its own. Time to jettison this bunch of manipulative leeches (aka “allies”).