Israel Officials Cheer Trump’s ‘Pro-Israel’ Security Picks

Officials See Flynn, Pompeo as 'Supporters of Israeli Policy'

Israeli officials quoted by the nation’s Army Radio are said to be quite pleased with President-elect Donald Trump’s early foreign policy related picks, Lt. Gen Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser and Rep. Mike Pompeo (R – KS) as CIA Director, seeing both as “supporters of Israeli policy.”

Pompeo appears to be the main focus of these comments, with his outspoken hostility toward Iran, and his repeated calls to immediate end the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. Ironically, this has secured him the position of “pro-Israel” despite Netanyahu being opposed to tearing up the P5+1 deal.

Flynn’s position on Israel is less clear, as he hasn’t spoken on them in great detail. Israeli media outlets suggested the government is likely keen on him because of a past Islamophobic Tweet, in which he declared fear of Muslims to be “rational.”

In general, Israel’s far-right government has been upbeat about Trump’s election, with many believing his promise to be the “most pro-Israel” president means that Israel can effectively abandon the two-state solution an annex the West Bank with impunity. Despite several Israeli officials repeating this claim, Trump’s campaign has suggested he still intends to try to broker a peace deal.

Another potential Trump cabinet figure, John Bolton, also addressed the Israel matter today, warning during an interview that President Obama had better not do anything at the UN that Israel doesn’t want. Obama is seen to have soured on Israel after some recent settlement moves, and there is speculation he may not veto a Security Council resolution critical of the settlement expansion.

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  • curmudgeonvt

    You know, going back over the years I can’t remember ever reading or hearing from anyone what it is exactly the US gets by taking a “whatever you want” stance with Israel. Where’s the benefit to the American people? What’s in it for the US besides a reason to suck down antacids by the truck load?

    • John_Smith001

      Don’t you know, the benefits to good American Christians don’t come in the foreseeable future or possibly in this life at all. That seems to be a trend in most Republican policies, that said Democrats are just as bad on US/Israel relations.

  • Bastiat

    Well this is a bad sign for Americans. Trump conned his supporters into believing he supported an America-First policy, but the reality is he is supporting an Israel-First policy.

    • John_Smith001

      No difference to Duh-merican, cargo cultists.

    • Brooklyn Dave

      You’re right. So far a very mixed bag as far as Trump’s picks. Pompeo seems like another NWO Israel-firster. Apparently he has a record that points in that direction. As far as Flynn is concerned, my jury is still in deliberation.

  • Rhs Per

    It is so ironic that Flynn should refer to Islam as a cancer. His black heart fails to see that the darkness, the sheer evil, his kind have sold their souls to, is the true cancer. But, that is good, because that is exactly what they all deserve.

    So, to all likes of Flynn, may your hate only increase, so that your comeuppance will be just as appropriate!!

    • Inretrospect

      “It is so ironic that Flynn should refer to Islam as a cancer.”

      Is it any less ironic the Islam feels the same, or worse about Christians?

      The main point that you miss, Rhs Per, is that the ultimate problem is not Islam or Christianity… it’s Religion, period.

  • Moe Zuchmir

    I relish seeing all you hate Israel-first crowd pissed off.