Obama Aims to Hamstring Trump on Russia With New EU Sanction Deals

Obama Aims to Hamstring Trump on Russia With New EU Sanction Deals | NATO claims Trump promised to remain ‘committed’ to NATO

After publicly warning President-elect Donald Trump against making any deals with Russia or going forward with his planned normalization of ties, President Obama today made an agreement with EU officials aimed at locking in US hostility toward Russia into Trump’s term.

The deal committed the US to continuing sanctions against Russia until the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine is seen to be “upheld.” In reality US officials make statements condemning the “continued fighting” in Eastern Ukraine far more often than any serious fighting happens there.

Obama also insisted that the US was committed to “stand up” to Russia in the name of “democratic values,” and pushed the European Union to continue their own anti-Russia sanctions, which while expected to be extended next month are also likely to be the last such extension according to most analysts.

NATO officials from the EU have been making daily statements since the US election chastising Trump for talking about improving relations with Russia during the campaign, and insisting that he has to uphold America’s “commitment to NATO” by continuing hostility.

Obama’s agreement today is far from locking the US permanently into that position, but NATO officials are also claiming they’ve been privately assured by Trump that he’s committed to the “enduring importance” of NATO, which in the view of pretty much everyone else in NATO means talking up war with Russia.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Good Job Obama .. the people in Europe are going to EXIT too … we’re sick of the banker class who give us war after war and so are the people in Europe.

    • CuriousNC

      Yes, lets all liberate ourselves from these wage slavers. If there are country’s dumb enough to want to play nuclear chicken with Russia then be my guess but leave the rest of us out of it. People of the West have a NATO problem. Crimea had a referendum. Putin isn’t Hitler no matter how NATO tries to paint him as such. If Putin did try to conquer Eastern Europe he would face the risk of nuclear annihilation and he would have to police these territories. If he was planning to do more then he would realize like Al Qaeda that he must take out the opposition first. He would experience retaliation just like Al Qaeda has experienced but far more deadly. NATO is an organization that has lost its reason to exist.

    • David S

      Hitler had some very similar things to say about the bankers in his speech to the Reichstag in 1939. He too had the culprits pegged.

  • Andrew_Nichols

    Futile and stupid. If Trump goes ahead and calls time on the orchestared Russia bashing, the Euros will drop the sanctions in a flash.. They dont at the moment because the Empire has a whole department punishing any country or company flouting the Empires edicts. Remember that Euro bank that got stung billions in the US for trading with Iran. So when the Emperor changes his mind – Pfft – That’s it. Obama knows thsi so why does he do it?

    • Chief Trump

      the chump idolizes money and depravity.

      • MvGuy

        Yeah Andy…. One mans depravity is another mans liberty. Trump spent a great deal of political capital saying we should try to get along with Russia/Putin… It was one of the witches biggest clubs. He could have caved but didn’ t… This is not to say he won’t…….. The whole MIC vs Boogey Man kabuki could be orchestrated from headquarters of the World Industrial Complex (AKA World Bank Inport Export Bank International Bank of Settlements Et Al) with all the big players more or less onboard. Maybe Trump was all along on board for US giving the MIC 60% of the Fed tax Washing DC extorts from us to buy our servitude. Not that its all bad, but far far from ideal. Time will tell as it did with the “O” and his band of Trojan Whores… Its Over so we need to pray, wait and editorialize…

    • Don

      He’s getting a tax-payer paid tour of Europe. He’s just expected to perform for his dinner a few nights.

  • JP McEvoy

    I wouldn’t read to much into Trump’s conciliatory tone with the Europeans.. Could be the equivalent of saying “nice doggie”, while your looking around for a stick to hit him with.

  • RMS145

    Can anyone explain why Obama is so obsessed with hostility towards Russia? What dös he Hope to gain?

    • Chief Trump

      a pseudo-mussle crown.

    • Henry Hartmann (Torpedo)

      IMO, the USA is trying to provoke Russia, Iran and China, into doing something stupid, so that the USA has a reason to start a war with either or all of them. The USA of course is banking on Russia and China not to use nuclear weapons in retaliation (who’s stupid here?). The entire reason for this, of course, is the US dollar.
      Russia ,China, and Iran want to start using a currency other than the US dollar for trade (including oil), which would entice other countries to drop the dollar, and cause US financial collapse. Iraq and Libya made the mistake of telegraphing their intention to do just that, and they paid the price.

      • jeff_davis

        “…and cause US financial collapse.”

        Henny Penny hysteria or reality? You make the call.

        If the dollar “collapsed”, and American workers’ wages were substantially reduced, then American exports would soar, jobs would blossom like the desert after a rainstorm, and the US standard of living and way of life would adjust to the change. Then after a while, Americans would become accustomed to the new way of things.

        “The only constant is change.” Heraclitus of Ephesus

    • Sally

      Large speaking fees from defense contractors and bankers.

    • MvGuy

      Neocon puppet. Russia supports the “Hesbolah” terrorists, Obama supports the All Quaeta terrorists.

    • Guest

      Obama looked like an inexperienced fool when his “reset button” with Russia didn’t work. Since then Putin has been making Obama look foolish on a regular basis (actually only Obama can make Obama look like a fool but Putin gets the credit and/or blame).

  • Ralph

    In the name of “democratic values”, Obama subnerts democracy.

    Democracy is the concept that the power remains in the hands of the people. The people just clearly spoke, and yet Obama works hard at the opposite of what the people just voted for.

    Of course, neither Ivy League schools nor the Chicago political machine ever had much use for democracy, no matter how often they toss around the word.

  • wootendw

    “The deal committed the US to continuing sanctions against Russia until
    the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine is seen to be “upheld.” In reality US
    officials make statements condemning the “continued fighting”…”

    With a new administration in power, (some new) ‘US officials’ may be making different statements and might decide the ceasefire IS seen to be ‘upheld’.

  • lordbaldric

    These commitments are dust in the wind the second Obama leaves office.

  • lordbaldric

    Also, it’s the Ukrainians and their backers who are responsible for continued fighting there, and the failure of the Minsk accords in general.