House Votes to Forbid Civilian Aircraft Sales to Iran

House Votes to Forbid Civilian Aircraft Sales to Iran | Bill headed to probable veto if Senate passes it

In a vote heavily along party lines, the House of Representatives today voted 243-174 to forbid all sales of civilian passenger planes to Iran. The bill is aimed at derailing major contracts signed by Boeing and Airbus to modernize Iran’s airliner fleet.

Iran sought to replace its old fleet, which is ailing and increasingly not serviceable, with two roughly equal contracts from the two major global supplies. Though only Boeing is actually a US company, Airbus’ offerings contain US parts, which would make it very difficult for them to try to work around such sanctions.

The possibility that Airbus could do so, and make totally “US-free” planes to sell to Iran, is particularly concerning to Boeing, which has warned that Iran is such a large near-term customer that losing their share of the deals to Airbus could put them at a long-term competitive disadvantage, costing US jobs.

The House bill is unlikely to become law, with still no timeline for a Senate vote. Even if the Senate approves the same bill, President Obama is expected to veto it, and it will not have a veto-proof majority, meaning the vote is largely symbolic.

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  • duglarri

    Symbolic until Trump takes office.

  • marc

    There are only a few industries where America still maintains a leadership position in world markets. IT is facing difficulties because of suspicion that the NSA has compromised HW and SW and this is encouraging competition. Sanctions on Russia have created an opportunity for them to develop expertise in oil extraction technology which they might otherwise have purchased from the US.
    Might as well wreck another commercial possibility and create market space for Brazil, Russia and China to fill.
    “Make America great again” doing what? Selling porn and Viagra?

    • JimBass56

      I can’t imagine Trump the dealmaker not wanting to help American aircraft industry so let’s not tie the cuckpublican idiots in the House with MAGA.

  • John_Smith001

    Bah, more business for Airbus and more jobs for Europe. Good for them.

  • Pat Dunne

    More evidence that the USA cannot be trusted to honor an agreement.
    Iran will get their aircraft eventually and they will be built in the EU.
    I suspect Iran only asked Boeing in an effort to demonstrate American policy on not honoring their pledge.

  • pensword

    AIPAC is behind this.

    If Trump is serious about “draining the swamp,” he won’t appoint anyone who does the Lobby’s bidding. Here’s hoping his son-in-law gets legally kicked to the curb.