Nusra Front, Allies Attack Fellow Syrian Rebels in Aleppo

Fastaqim Positions Overrun, Fighters Detained

With the Nusra Front-led rebels in Aleppo still engaged in a major offensive against government forces in the western part of the city, they also found time to launch a whole separate offensive against another faction of rebels with which they used to be allied in the city.

Nusra and its still remaining allies attacked and overran a number of positions belonging to the Fastaqim force, which like the other Nusra allies, is presented as “moderates” who are nominally aligned with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) as well as the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra.

Fighting was reported to have ended and there are negotiations ongoing among the factions, though some reports suggest Fastaqim lost the majority of their positions and that a large chunk of their fighters have been detained, though the group’s leadership downplayed the losses.

It’s unclear how significant the infighting will end up being in the context of ongoing fighting with government forces around Aleppo, though it certainly raises questions about the unity among the rebel coalition within the city, and whether the larger forces are going to turn on any other smaller allies in the meantime.

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