Rocket Strike Hits Yemeni City of Taiz, Killing 10 Civilians

Pro-Saudi Officials Blame Strike on Shi'ite Houthis

Continued fighting over the central Yemeni city of Yemen continues to take a toll on the civilian population, with medical officials reporting rocket strikes against the Beir al-Basha District hitting a group of civilians, killing 10 of them, including children.

Details are still scant, though pro-Saudi officials were quick to blame the Shi’ite Houthis for the attack, noting that the district has been a target for them in the past. Pictures of slain civilians were widely circulated on social media.

The city of Taiz has been the site of major fighting on both sides, with the pro-Saudi forces trying to gain control of the main highway between their de facto capital of Aden and the capital city of Sanaa. The city is divided, however, and the Houthis have made recent gains.

Fighting in urban areas around Yemen have left massive numbers of civilians deal, with both sides repeatedly faulted for careless targeting. The UN has estimated that a strong majority of the civilians slain in the war were the result of Saudi airstrikes, though the Houthis have been responsible for quick a few themselves.

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