Clinton Assures Netanyahu She Would Veto Any UN Actions on Israel

Says She Is 'Committed' to Fighting BDS Movement

In her Sunday meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sought to assure a continuation of America’s historic pro-Israel stand, including vowing to continue to block attempts at “an outside solution.”

This has generally involved attempts to get talks going through the UN Security Council, which Israel has counted on the US president to veto. Clinton’s comments indicated that the veto protection would still be in place if she is elected.

Clinton also expressed support for President Obama’s $38 billion military aid deal to Israel, the largest in history. She also claimed to be “committed” to fighting against the BDS movement and other attempts to delegitimize Israel internationally.

Her meeting followed another meeting between Netanyahu and Republican nominee Donald Trump, who also promised strong support for Israel if elected. Trump’s campaign has also promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and his advisers have suggested they would spend well beyond the $38 billion already in place.

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  • lemur

    It’s really like doing some kerb-crawling around the train station and getting excellent promises by the ladies of the night.

    • outer_rl

      It’s the first time I’ve had to be afraid of getting an infection from voting.

      • Don G.

        The American people made the choices for president. Both of them. Whose fault is that? Maybe after Clinton becomes president the people will do what they should have done before she became the only logical choice? Take control of their government by trying to build an antiwar movement.

        First step, the majority of Americans have to figure out that Russia isn’t to blame.

        • Eileen Kuch

          If Killary Rotten Clinton ever does become POTUS, Don, you can bid America farewell; simply, because there will be NO America left .. after she starts WWIII and this nation’s turned to ash.

          • Don G.

            Unfortunately Eileen, she will become your president. The biggest reason is that your people didn’t choose a decent and logical choice to beat her.
            The US won’t turn to ash, that’s just your emotional and exaggerated mood talking.
            WW3 will become possible but not probable because of MAD.
            Clinton will do the bidding of the people who elected her. When the people tell their president and their politicians that they demand an antiwar stance then the politicians will pay attention. Do you understand that you and the American people are the problem now Eileen?

  • richard vajs

    Reminds me of the old days in the Deep South, when competing politicians would try to “out Negro” each other in promises to defend segregation, “every day and forever”. Shameless.

  • disqus_feN63FpcdG

    And that’s why she won’t get my vote. But neither will Trump. Can’t we ever have an anti-Israel candidate?

    • Hank

      “The next time Israel attacks Gaza I’ll let them kill 200,000!”
      Hillary Clinton

      When a Clinton aid was questioned about this quote, that aid said “She really meant 20,000.”

      What kind of monster would let 200,000 innocent defenseless people be slaughtered by a heavily armed and modern military like Israel has, let alone 20,000? And all on a pack of lies!!! This demonstrates the cold-hearted person that Hillary Clinton is!

      There are over 500 Congressmen who either support this type of murder or are just too cowardly to take a stand against Israel! It shames me as an American citizen to see the traitors that run this nation make it worse each and every day by supporting nations like Israel that are 180 degrees from the TRUE American principals!

      • Don G.

        The answer to your question is: An American monster would allow the slaughter of 200,000 people. And it will be done again with the blessing of the American people.
        It’s not a difficult concept even for Americans to understand. Hitler did it with the German people. How could Hitler have been stopped? Don’t hurt your brain thinking about it.

    • Don G.

      Enlist the support of enough Americans and you’ll get the support you are hoping for. It’s probably as easy as sending the message to Clinton after she becomes your president. There is no hope before that and certainly not in Trump.
      In the meantime, just understand that the antiwar movement in the US is far, far to little to make any difference. Clinton knows that and so will cater to the warmonging huge majority.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Trump’s far more for world peace than is the Hildebeast, Don. That woman is pure EVIL. She’s hell-bent on starting WWIII on the Zionist Entity’s say-so; whereas, Trump’s not.
        All The Donald wants is to promote world peace, secure America’s borders, resume friendly relations with Russia and rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure.
        The US can never rebuild its crumbling infrastructure and help its needy citizens – including war veterans – if it continues paying out $billions to greedy parasites such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. Trump’s an America Firster; whereas, Hillary’s not.

        • Don G.

          No he’s not Eileen, he’s a phony and a bad one as was seen on last night’s debate. The American people made two bad choices to begin with.
          But on the bright side, no president has to be a bad choice. It’s up to the American people to make the next president a good choice. At the present, the will is not there to do that. The American people are propagandized hawks too.
          How can things be changed Eileen?

  • Don G.

    Americans have to come to terms with the facts sooner or later. If Clinton would veto resolutions against Israel then the reason is that she is doing what the American people want her to do.
    That is what makes a politician popular. It’s up to the American people to tell her what they wish to happen. Being a pure politician and nothing else, she would respond immediately to a strong message. Antiwar people only think they have significant numbers to stop their country’s wars. In fact, Clinton’s hawkish stance is what’s popular.
    Maybe after Clinton becomes president there will be hope. It’s entirely up to the people. Trump is not the answer because he’s a phony and offers nothing but lies and dog whistles.

    • Eileen Kuch

      82% of US citizens oppose settlers occupying stolen Palestinian lands, as well as aggressive war and brutality toward Palestinians, Don. The citizens you’re commenting about are the delusional Evangelicals; and, even they’re starting to wake up to the truth.
      Don’t expect any hope from a Hillary Clinton presidency; she’s already outdone Donald Trump on the Israel conundrum.

      • Don G.

        It’s one issue and even on that there is no choice. Both Trump and Clinton will support Israel. That’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the American people for not promoting a choice that wouldn’t support Israel’s evil.

    • Chris Randolph

      The entire concept of “after Clinton” is highly optimistic. She might well take us all with her on her way to Dirtnap Town.

      • Don G.

        You have no choice. The people chose two bad choices and after last night’s debate it should be obvious that Clinton will be your next president. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the American people make her into what they wish her to be. At the present, they are quite content with her being a hawk. Your job is to change that and when you do then Clinton will happily change to suit your preferences. All politicians do.
        Do you understand Chris?