Russia Rejects Kerry Demand to Ground All Planes in Syria

Russia Rejects Kerry Demand to Ground All Planes in Syria | Deputy FM: Plan is unworkable with rebels committed to war

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has rejected yesterday’s demand by Secretary of State John Kerry that all Russian and Syrian warplanes in Syria be grounded as part of a deal to get the already collapsed ceasefire revived.

This plan won’t work,” Ryabkov insisted, saying that the US and other parties in the Civil War continue to convince rebels that “war is the only way of resolvingg the problem and that violence is the only way of toppling Assad.”

Airstrikes were virtually halted last week, during the ceasefire, but after US warplanes attacked a Syrian Army base in Deir Ezzor, killing 83 soldiers, and rebels in and around Aleppo started escalating shelling of government positions, the Assad government withdrew from the ceasefire as well and resumed airstrikes.

The US has been railing at Russia since the ceasefire collapsed, but were complaining nearly as loudly even while the ceasefire was in effect and holding, and appeared angriest when Russia criticized the US airstrikes in Deir Ezzor. Russia, then, likely sees little reason to give in to US demands since it isn’t going to placate them anyhow.

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  • Edith Johnson

    I’m so glad Russia was not tricked again because of American lies. It will always be Assad must go in their minds. All to the behest of their masters. ISRAEL.

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  • eric

    The United States got rid of Saddam in Iraq and Gaddaffi in Libya . Now look how happy everybody is there in those two countries . I don’t think they look so good . But United States sure looks bad .

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Why would anyone trust Kerry? His only goal is to protect ISIS and topple Assad. It’s time the American people demand these war mongers are arrested and charged with war crimes for invading Syria, a sovereign nation!

    • Eileen Kuch

      I agree; why would anybody trust John “Lurch” Kerry? I certainly wouldn’t. He’s nearly as bad as Killary Rotten Clinton .. only, she was behind Gaddaffi’s horrific murder in Libya (Cheney was behind the hanging of Saddam in Iraq), as well as the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 of his security staff in Benghazi in the midst of the 2012 Presidential election.
      Yes, it’s time the American people demanded these war criminals are arrested, charged with war crimes/crimes against humanity, and prosecuted.

  • Joe

    I’m in favor of the people who want to bomb Al-Qaeda and ISIS, and opposed to the people who are trying to protect Al-Qaeda and ISIS.