Kerry: Syria, Russia Must Immediately Halt All Flights Over Syria

Warns Already Collapsed Ceasefire At Stake

Speaking today at the UN Security Council, Secretary of State John Kerry demanded that Syria and Russia immediately halt all warplane flights in Syria, insisting that there was no other way to avoid the escalation of the civil war, and that the ceasefire is at stake.

The ceasefire, of course, ended days ago, with the Syrian government withdrawing on Monday, citing an array of violations over the weekend, including a US airstrike which attacked a Syrian army base in Deir Ezzor, killing 83 soldiers.

Despite the ceasefire being clearly over, some US officials have suggested it isn’t over until they say it is. In practice, however, the ceasefire was for 7 days, ending September 19, and even the two-day extension the US and Russia agreed to last week would’ve meant the ceasefire expired tonight anyhow.

Kerry also angrily condemned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Levrov’s call for an investigation into an attack against a UN aid convoy, insisting that everyone knows it was Russia’s fault already and that Russia is trying to invent facts. The White House insisted yesterday that Russia was to blame even if it was eventually discovered that Russia didn’t do it.

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  • armdkny

    Lavrov: Syria and Russia have announced a full stop no-fly zone over all of Syrian territory effective immediately.

    That’s more like it.

  • richard young

    Our (US) Government just admitted that it conducted a bombing attack on Syrian government forces in Syria — an unquestionable violation of the UN Charter’s central collective security provisions, banning any use of force by any member nation against any other member nation (save only in response to an attack by the other nation, which of course did not occur here). So, after admittedly violating the UN Charter — a binding treaty which under our Constitution is “the supreme law of the land” — our Government has the gall to demand that the illegally attacked nation, Syria, must ground its own military aircraft within its own sovereign territory? While the Syrian government is fighting an armed insurrection which our Government has been supporting for the past five years, for the express purpose of “regime change” in Syria? Have our “leaders” in Washington (both Democrats and Republicans) taken leave of their senses?

    • Idiotland

      That’s assuming these lunatics had any in the first place.

    • Carnaptious

      Nice summary of the idiocy.

    • The OGS

      I know! It’s lunacy…
      The only thing ‘impressive’ if you could call it that heheh, is the tenacity with which Washington grasps their unfortunate role in this, a losing cause!
      I’m pleased to see others immediately recognizing the sheer IDIOCY of the ridiculous comments coming out of Washington these days.
      Yeesh! Talk about a nation overimpressed with its own importance…

    • jeff_davis

      Thank you Richard.

      I noticed this maybe ten years ago. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout, without success, for someone else to notice it and mention it. You are the first.

      The UN Charter clearly states two prohibitions related to war. First: threats of war are not allowed. Number 2: war itself is not allowed. This last subject only to the exceptions stated in the Charter (self-defence and Chapter VII action by the Security Council).

      “All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.”

      The flagrant violations of these rules by the Clinton/BushCheney/ObamaClinton administrations over the last 24 years suggests to me that a substantial majority of the power elite of Washington have made themselves “eligible” for indictment for war crimes. (Eric Holder, under Obama’s “Look forward not back” policy gave the “perps” a pass. However, since war crimes are not subject to any statute of limitations, all it would take is a president — say a “law and order president”– with a policy of “accountability, backwards and forwards” — to clean house, spiff up the US reputation, and renew its commitment to global good — ie lawful — behavior.

      The DC political (criminal?) class, out of arrogance or hubris or habit, consider themselves above the law. They’ve gotten away with their crimes for so long that they’ve become accustomed to the idea that their crimes aren’t crimes at all, but rather the “un-authored”, legitimate and accountability-free acts of state power. I beg to differ. These criminal acts have been committed in the name of the state, by specific individuals with names/identities that can, and should, be set down on bills of indictment. Our nation needs those indictments, orange jumpsuits, and jury trials (by a juries of “deplorables”?) to clean up Washington and put us back on track.

      To dream the impossible dream…

    • Bianca

      They have no sense. This is a classical elite that is focused on their interest and power. The are the Gods — we the lower speacies of mammals. And they will bleed the the system until there is nothing left. The wars? Just make them endless as there is a neverending revenue stream there. Once our local goverments cannot pay debts — there will be friendly hedge funds buyers flush with money waiting to take over our schools, water and sewer systems, roads and bridges and jack up prices. Squeezing consumer whose income adjusted for inflation has not risen since 1975. But — the weapons we paid for to be produced are being sold around the world — are counting as income in our GDP. Studentosns are — income, and counts as GDP. Isn’t the economy just great! And now that terrorism is just not making enough money — let’s invent bigger and better enemy. Russia would be just perfect. And a crisis is sought to
      wipe away untold trillions in debts and hedge obligations. Since 2008 the same elite just pressed gas — and created even bigger and better bubble.

      Now — they are the elite. The smart and deserving. We are to be fleeced. The stupid and inferior. We willingly let ghem do it — and willingly repeat the lies of the wonders of globalization and the liberal world order. They must be loughing — they are liberal with our money, our homes, our livelihood and the lives of our children sent for their enrichment to be killed, maimed or mentaly destroyed. What on esrth we expect? In their world there is no such thing as common good. One is a feeble idiot to love one’s country — the real love is only for power and money that power buys. There is a gulf between our elite and working population.


    • dinesh

      These LUNATICS in WASHINGTON have brain -damaged senses for humanity. They do not have ideas /senses to observe the UN and international laws and expect other countries to observe them. What do they think ? Are others that stupid like them? Your exceptionalism has no place in this world. YOU ARE DOOMED TO LIVE IN GUTTERS.

  • Idiotland

    Washington is stark raving mad.

    • rybo1

      Washington is the epitome of evil.

  • Edith Johnson

    Russia, tell Kerry to take that demand where his sun doesn’t shine.

  • Floyd Hazzard

    These people are shameless and/or retarded. No other way to explain their arrogance and expected exceptionalism. The wards they arm, train and direct attacked the convoy to try to lay blame and make demands of others. So simplistic and juvenile. Guess they want open air to slaughter more Syrian troops.
    They are truly shameless or retarded.

    • jeff_davis

      The Syrian festival of death is yet another war for the benefit of Israel– Oded Yinon. It is resourced by what can only be called the “Zio-stooges”: the US/UK, Saudis, Qataris, and Turkey, employing Wahhabi terrorist mercenaries from across the Muslim world. Syria is the killing field for this Zionist-inspired war for no other reason than its status as the “weak link” of “the Shia Crescent”. It is NOT because Assad is any sort of exceptionally bad actor on the Mideast stage. The Syrian people are being sacrificed to make the world safe for Israel.

      A speedy Neocon success, on the Libyan model, was the plan, but that was blocked by Assad’s spine, the Syrian Army’s courage, and support from Putin’s Russia. So the Neocons escalated, pouring in arms and money for their terrorist mercenaries, and turning Syria into a cauldron of death. If the Neocons didn’t get exactly what they wanted, well, plan B will do in a pinch.

  • Gary Sellars

    Kerry is just plain nuts, pure ‘n’ simple…

    • The OGS

      The poor man is responsible for representing the immoral, unethical, illegal and ridiculous policies of Washington.
      I bet he wishes he never accepted the ill-fated job, heheh…

  • Garry Compton

    Americans are one bunch of lying bastards.

    • eric

      No only our government and established news media meet your criteria .

  • JimBass56

    The utter gall. Telling a sovereign nation it can’t fly its own aircraft over its own country. Hubris unbound.

    • eric

      They got by with a no fly zone for Libya . So they think it might work in Syria too . Only difference Russia is flying their best and fastest planes in Syria which is a big difference .

  • The OGS

    LoLoL, heheh…
    Everyone EXCEPT Syria and Russia must immediately halt all flights over Syria!
    How about that, Kerry?
    Can you imagine the ridiculous GALL of this man – claiming that Syria should not be ‘allowed’ to fly over Syria?
    And there is NO CIVIL WAR in Syria anyway…
    There is only USA and its proxies, attacking the sovereign nation.
    No wonder the world is so appallingly fooked up – if anyone believes ANYTHING the criminals in Washington claim!

  • disqus_feN63FpcdG

    Israel must have told Kerry: “We need a no-fly zone over Syria”.

  • RD1485

    This is only a request. Secretaries of State cannot make military demands. Presidents make demands. Congress and the President make war.
    John Kerry does not have the authority.
    Obama has the authority to make such a statement, but he’s too busy
    campaigning for HIllary and playing golf.
    Until and Unless “President” Obama makes such a demand publicly or in writing, Russia cannot trust the Pentagon and CIA not to violate the State Department’s own policies !

    • Edith Johnson

      President Obama can demand all he wants. Who cares.

      • eric

        I bet the Libyans cared ,Maybe Syrians too . Bill Clinton made demands on Yugoslavia and all the Orthodox Christians cared The Russian speaking Russians cared about Ukraine too . United States has had 3 presidents in a row that have sent planes out and they killed a lot of innocent people with our bombs . I care and I think you care too . Most all of us on this site want this to stop .

    • —–
      Until and Unless “President” Obama makes such a demand publicly or in writing, Russia cannot trust the Pentagon and CIA not to violate the State Department’s own policies !

      And why would they be able to trust Obama?

      • eric siverson

        because he is our president and he is very popular

    • Dennis Boylon

      The are no more rules. The US empire doesn’t obey any limitations anymore. The rest of the world just tries to stay out of the destruction zones.

  • longlance

    When will USA halt all flights over Syria?

    • eric

      Never but Russia might have to do this in Syria . United Stated put a no fly zone over Libya to establish peace there . NATO should work a little harder to bring more peace for Libya , before they go on to Syria .

      • EAGLE


    • disqus_feN63FpcdG

      As soon as those S-400 systems are turned on.

  • eric

    Now there is getting to be even more evidence That Russia may be forced to ask the United States to please stop helping them destroy ISIS . It is Syria and Russia that might have to impose require a no fly zone if they ever hope to defeat ISIS . Even the majority of the American citizens understand the United mistakenly bombed a Syrian air base . And the result of this Mistake allowed ISIS to capture this airbase .

  • Andrew_Nichols

    No – The US should leave. They have no legal right to be there.

  • Ceasefire in Pentagonspeak equates to “let us continue to shoot at you while you stop all military activities”.

  • disqus_feN63FpcdG

    Kerry, speaking for Israel

  • Bill Rood

    Comment by PavewayIV in Moon of Alabama provides excellent reasons to believe the attack on the aid convoy was carried out by Predator/hellfire:

  • esmaiil fotoohi

    I really, really think US Admin has gone berserk and Capote mentally and personality wise. They don’t care any more for the reflection of themselves in the mirror. I am their true mirror, they want to break me, I don’t care but they have totally gone astray in their quest for total hegemony of the world. It’s impossible, immoglich, namomken.The last word Persian. Only a bunch of Anglozionist are taking the advantage of this US madness.