West Endorses Turkish Invasion of Northern Syria

US Launches Airstrikes to Back Turkish Forces

Russian officials issued a statement of concern today on news of Turkey’s military invasion of northern Syria, appearing to be particularly worried about the escalation of Turkey’s fighting against Kurdish forces inside northern Syria.

Western officials, however, were a lot more upbeat. German Foreign Ministry officials endorsed the invasion as “in keeping with the goals and aims of the anti-ISIS coalition.” They also indicated they were fine with Turkey attacking the Kurds, and wouldn’t complain about it.

“Turkey, rightly or wrongly, believes that there are links between the PKK, which we see as a terror organisation, on the Turkish side and elements among the Kurds of the Syrian side,” German spokesman Martin Schaefer insisted, adding that Turkey has a “legitimate right to take action” against them.

US officials haven’t spoken directly on the matter, but did carry out eight airstrikes against targets inside Jarabulus in support of the Turkish invasion of that town, meaning they are directly participating in the new offensive, even though it is quickly bringing the Turkish forces into direct conflict with US-backed Kurdish fighters.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Bianca

    The “West” is so cute. Is there anything left but to “support”? They failed to care much about Turkey during the coup, so now are hastily giving support. Hoping that after years of trying to get Turkey into Syria, it is good to have them there no matter what.
    So, to show the partnership, US is quickly targeting the same ISIS as Turkey in Jarabulus. Nice. But Turkey boots will be on the ground. Looks like Kurds are already abandoned by US — as US demands that Kurds abandon Manbij. Kurds are real target for Turkish forces, as it believes as Iran does — that the West is trying to expand Kurdish control along the Turkish border, so that it will be easy to link up to Turkish Kurds, and then Iraqi. Iran believes that the West objective, led by US — is to create Kurdistan to have a function of another Israel, and house NATO basis.
    It is important to know that Turkish officials before the operation began came to Damascus to discuss the operation. The loop is being maintained in the region — and it may be impossible for US to find another piece of land in Syria to latch upon, should Kurds be forced into their regions in Syria, and Turkey insists — along with Russia, Iran, Iraq, China and others — that Syrian territorial integrity be preserved. If territorial gains by Kurds are not in the cards, and if Kurds will no longer be threatened by ISIS, they may just wait out for the peace conference to iron out their regional privileges, if any.

    • eriuc

      So Bianca exactly where is the U.S NATO. base in Israel ? I have never heard of it .

  • John Wells

    The Russians can now use the same rationale to invade ?

  • dieter heymann

    The German government supports the illegal invasion of Syria by Turkey? No surprise there. Germans have always been good at invading other nations.

  • eric

    Turkey better not fly any planes in Syria with out Syria’s permission . You just don’t know Russia might like to get even for that Russian plane Turkey shot down .. With the planes and 300 and 400 missile defense Russia brought to Syria , Russia will be able to control the sky .