Pentagon: Convoy of ISIS, Civilians Allowed to Flee Manbij

Says Kurdish Commanders Made Decision to Let Them Go

Pentagon spokesman Col. Chris Garver today confirmed that several hundred vehicles which they identified as “an ISIS convoy” was allowed to flee from the city of Manbij after its capture by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

This was a significant change from what happened earlier in the fight over Manbij, when the US saw another convoy they figured was ISIS and pounded it with airstrikes, killing around 200 civilians and no ISIS fighters. This sparked calls from allied rebel factions for the US to stop bombing Syria in general.

This time, the US apparently left the matter up to the Kurds, and Col. Garver said it was a decision of SDF commanders to let the convoy go, noting that there were large numbers of civilians in the convoy, along with what the US estimated was a number of “ISIS commanders.” The fleeing convoy headed into ISIS territory further west, and US officials noted many fled all the way into Turkey.

It’s unclear how many actual ISIS were in the convoy, but both the US and Kurds are keen on that narrative, and the idea that the civilians “may have been hostages.” In reality, many of Manbij’s Arab population have feared a campaign of ethnic cleansing after the Kurds took over.

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  • TellTheTruth-2

    The FOUNDER of ISIS, Barack Obama, most likely ordered the Kurds to let them go. After all, destroying CIA assets is wrong. In Truth, if Obama wanted to get rid of ISIS, getting rid of the CIA would be a good start.

    • You are spot on target! There is also a declassified document in the show notes as well.

      Nov 20, 2015 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS

      • TellTheTruth-2

        Exactly … good link … these devils are cleaver .. developing an enemy of their own making so they can fight both sides and double their war profits.

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