Israel Moving to Legalize 14 Settler Outposts in West Bank

Peace Now Reports Israel to 'Retroactively' Legalize 314 Homes

A new report from Peace Now covering the first half of 2016 notes that Israel is in the process of legalizing another 14 illegally constructed settlements in the occupied West Bank, covering some 314 homes. This is in addition to such outposts already approved in recent years.

While all West Bank settlements are illegal under international law, Israel’s government supporters most of the ventures. This is less true of the illegal outposts, which are built on land not even nominally purchased from its original owners. Such outposts tend to be even more right-wing than most settler movements, and in many cases are built with an eye toward hassling nearby Palestinian towns and villages.

Though such outposts are illegal even in the eyes of the Israeli government and most have been repeatedly ordered evacuated and demolished by the Israeli High Court, in practice they are still supported by the military and other government ministries, which heavily subsidize all settler endeavors.

Israel’s far-right government, heavily dependent on political support from the settlers, also has a history of repeatedly ignoring court orders to evacuate, and ultimately finding some pretext to retroactively legalize any such construction.

Peace Now, an Israeli NGO which sees the settlements as a major obstacle to a two-state agreement, has warned that the government’s policy of retroactive legalization encourages such illegal outposts, with many of the settlers believing they can throw up an outpost more or less wherever they want, secure in the knowledge that no matter how illegal it is, the government will eventually sign off on it.

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  • GodsWill_ie

    God’s Biblical Will will be done,
    in the lands eternally stolen from Palestine.
    As it is in Heaven,
    so shall it be on earth,
    or until the Second Coming,
    whichever shalt come in second.

  • David Johnson

    Gotta destroy or steal something or it’s not Israel.

  • Tom Aman

    Anyone in the US Government say “Its not helpful” yet?

  • richardvajs

    The Democratic Party Platform Committee just rejected a plank calling for recognition that Israel is illegally occupying Palestine – I guess that should tell us something about who runs that Party. Of course, the same people run the other Party too. Why bother making “America Great Again”, when we no longer own the country.

    • Tom Aman

      Nope, The hebrews run the US government

  • GodsWill_ie

    Their First Most Holiest Commandment:
    until ya gots it all, every last thing of his stuff,
    leave no olive branch left unstolen… and/or unbroken