Putin Warns Finland Against Joining NATO

Says Russia Might Move Troops Closer to Finnish Border in Response

Following a meeting with his Finnish counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement warning Finland against joining NATO, warning that such a move would mean the end of Russia keeping its troops 1,500 km from their mutual border.

Putin cautioned that in joining Finland would overnight put NATO at the borders of the Russian Federation, adding that “NATO would gladly fight with Russia until the last Finnish soldier,” but that neither Finland nor Russia would benefit from such a thing.

A Finnish government report from back in April was also cautious about the idea of joining NATO, warning it would lead to a “crisis” with Russia, potentially a really economically harmful one for the Finns, who trade heavily with Russia.

Polls have shown Finnish voters overwhelmingly opposed to seeking NATO membership, though several officials have talked up such an idea, particularly as a “joint membership” effort with Sweden.

NATO clearly would be keen to add Finland to the alliance, giving them a much longer border with Russia upon which to build up militarily. The existing border to Russia is in the tiny Baltic states, and they’re getting increasingly full of NATO ground troops.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Don

    And it becomes clear once again that it is the US that wants Finland in Nato. Which puts the lie to Trump’s claims that he would either take the US out of Nato or make other countries pay their share of Nato’s bills.

    Which in turn makes it obvious that Americans are taken in by Trump’s bullshit because they think they can save money on taxes. Nothing more human than that of course because that the kind of dogs that hear Trump’s whistle.

    It would be easy to just blame it on Trump not understanding that Nato is essential to the US in order to wage war under a Nato flag of unity. But that won’t float because at least his advisers would have clued him in by now.

    Just one of the myriad of flaws that go into making up this psychopathic madman who presumes to be the president.

    No world leader is so reminiscent of Trump than Adolph Hitler. And no nation is ready and primed for him since WW2 than the US is now.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Don, the Presidential candidate you just described in your post is NOT Donald Trump, but Hillary the Hildebeast Clinton. Trump has been (and still is) the only candidate who pledged friendly relations with all nations (including China and Russia), as well as trade.
      Trump’s no politician; he’s a businessman and is an expert in executing deals. Furthermore, he doesn’t have blood on his hands. Now, can you say the same for Hillary? Of course not; she has more blood on her hands than any Presidents since LBJ. And, even though Bill was POTUS for 8 years – from 1993-2001 – Hillary wielded power over the WH. Should she become POTUS, you can bet the farm that she’ll instigate WWIII by launching an attack on Russia .. She’s already chomping at the bit to do so.

      • Killary is definitely worse but that doesn’t make Trump John f**king Lennon. He supports torture. He supports killing civilians and he supports maintaining a military presence in Syria. He’s a loose cannon and a pathological flip-flopper and he’s a businessman all right, a failed one with four bankruptcies and counting under his belt. If you truly wan’t peace, your best bet is voting third party and getting involved with grassroots activism in the streets.

      • TellTheTruth-2

        Don isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer .. in fact .. he may be a spoon.

    • O rly

      “It would be easy to just blame it on Trump”

      nato has been aggressively expanding for 25 years, Donald trump has yet to spend even a single minute involved in the process of forming united states foreign policy.

  • This is not 1939, Finland. Stick to your neutral roots and don’t take NATO’s poison bait.

  • Joji Cherian

    NATO will have its natural end. With 20 trillion debt how long America pull on with this absurdity called NATO