Obama Seeks Deeper Cooperation With Russia on Syria War

Deal Would Be Conditioned on Russia Not Bombing US-Backed Rebels

While publicly, the US has continued to downplay the idea of any coordination with Russia, officials are now confirming that the Obama Administration is pursuing a potential military pact with the Russians on the Syrian Civil War, one which some are presenting as an overt military alliance.

Russia has been seeking military cooperation with the US in Syria for years, and has been repeatedly rebuffed. Under the deal, the US would agree to join military operations against al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in return for Russia agreeing not to attack US-backed rebels.

That’s going to be a tough deal to work out in practice, since as has been pointed out time again the US-backed rebels have considerable numbers of Nusra fighters embedded with them, and many are overtly allied with al-Qaeda.

Still, that the US is considering a deal with Russia at all shows a dramatic shift to US policy in Syria. The prospect of more information sharing might, at the very least, mean Russia knows which rebels are which, in a fog of war in which it is often hard to tell. The major “cost” to the US for such a move will be making it even less credible for them to blame Russia when the war doesn’t go their way.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Tom Mauel

    Trump will soon be coming after Clinton for her role, and Obamas’ role, in the Syrian civil war disaster. Obama is likely heading off Trump who earlier recommended speaking directly to Putin about dealing with ISIS.

    • the Late Idi Armin

      trumps only role is to make the Repulican base don’t storm out of the Party.
      So what does this deal do then? It actually sounds like the war is being ended. Al Nusra is flattened. the US’s fighters are being withdrawn to non bomb zone, doesn’t mention Assad at all.

  • TS13

    In my opinion, the only way to get the preverbal arms around this mess is for the US, Russia and Syria to corporate fully.

    • Don

      Brilliant! You mean that the US has to abandon it’s plans for the conquest of Syria, the overthrow of Assad, and the installation of a US friendly dictator?

      Go back to sleep, and awaken to the 21st. century. This isn’t the 19th. century where the aggressor country could claim they were saving the people of Asia with Christianity. Russia has become the side of enlighenment and the protector of the weak!

  • June 22nd, 2016 “Hillary ready to storm Russia tomorrow”: Putin warns public of US elections outcome

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his country faces a greater threat of war from Hillary Clinton becoming US President, as opposed to Donald Trump.Earlier, during a meeting with Aerospace Defense Forces (ADF) commanders, Putin gave a grim prediction about the US presidential elections: “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war”, Putin’s decision to launch early missile warning system satellites from the Plesetsk Spaceport by the end of December, ahead of a new US president taking office in January, 2017, is in direct response to the Obama regimes activation of missile defense shields on the Russian periphery, including in Romania and Poland.


  • Don

    Of course all the comments skip right over the issue that was raised. Racists will never admit that they had the best there was to offer and they didn’t support his initiatives to make things better. He’s even responsible for the creation of the tea party wingnuts and crazies.

    Ordinary Americans have been snookered by the 1% and now they want to elect one of the 1% as their president after the fact. Dumb, politically motivated morons doesn’t do them justice for their level of “STUPID”.

    Make America great again, and they don’t even acknowledge that they are cheerleading for a winning war in which to do it!

  • I say don’t take the bait Putin. The US is acting out from a place of desperation and weakness. Russia has our terrorists on the ropes and Obama’s begging for mercy for his rent-a-head-choppers. He doesn’t wan’t Putin to break his bloody little toys after he spent so much money on them. I say f**k em, smash em, burn em to the dirt. No mercy for Wafhabist pr*cks.