Scottish Minister Reports Informal Talks on Staying in EU

Reports 'Sympathetic Hearing' From EU Members

Scotland’s Farming Minister Fergus Ewing today reported that there have been “informal talks” with French, German, and Irish officials at the possibility of Scotland remaining in the European Union in some way.

Ewing reported Scotland is interested in exploring all options for remaining in the EU, including just taking the United Kingdom’s membership after Britain withdraws. Last week’s Brexit vote had Britain voting to withdraw, but Scotland voted to remain in the EU.

The Scottish government has raised several possibilities for avoiding being forced out of the EU in recent days, including either “vetoing” the Brexit, or seceding from Britain to remain while Britain itself withdraws. Ewing reported “constructive talks” and that the EU nations were very sympathetic to their problem.

France’s agriculture minister confirmed the talks with Ewing, and Ewing said the entire Scottish cabinet was asked to initiate similar meetings with their EU counterparts to try to find a way to stay inside the union. There are several possible avenues for Scotland remaining in the EU, but with no straightforward method in place in EU rules, it’s going to take some work to come up with one.

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  • dieter heymann

    The EU admits only sovereign states. Scotland will have a lot of work to do. Will it be a republic or a kingdom and who will be king or queen?

    • the Late Idi Armin

      the two states with succession issues of their own, Spain and Belgium will veto it.

      • dieter heymann

        Indeed. Every member state has the veto power which is why Turkey will almost certainly never be admitted (Greece!). A Scottish republic will easily sail into the EU I believe.
        The port of Glasgow is jam-packed with laid-off but still usable oil drilling rigs! That is why.