Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Accept Arab Peace Initiative

Two Weeks After Touting Plan, Israeli PM Backs Off

Two weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surprised many people by declaring his far-right government willing to hold peace talks on the basis of the Arab Peace Initiative, saying he believed it had “positive elements” and was a basis for “constructive negotiations.”

Today, Netanyahu loudly did an about-face, declaring that Israel would “never accept” the initiative as the basis for any talks with the Palestinians, and demanding that Arab nations make massive revisions to reflect addition Israeli demands before anything could be discussed.

Netanyahu now says the “positive elements” of the plan were the ones where all the Arab nations normalize ties with Israel, and that the “negative” part was the part where Israel ends its occupations and allows the Palestinians to establish a state.

The Israeli position doesn’t exactly make a good basis for talks, and indeed Netanyahu looks rather silly after talking up the idea two weeks ago and once again pulling the rug out from under the peace process as soon as it looked like anything might happen.

French FM Jean-Marc Ayrault took Netanyahu to task over the matter, saying France intends to continue on its with own peace initiative irrespective of Israeli opposition. Netanyahu has been seeking a UN Security Council veto from the US to block the French plan.

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  • Tom Aman

    Or any other peace initiative, because Israel doesn’t want peace.

    • Bastiat

      Right wingers in the U.S. agree 100% all the while continuing the welfare checks going to Israel.

  • jjones

    Yeah Bibi, the informed public already knew that the word “peace” is not a part of your vocabulary.

  • tika

    What would be surprising – but more than welcome – is for Israel to accept _any_ peace plane at all.

  • Don

    If the citizens of the US wanted peace then it would be attainable. The majority don’t but they are fine with blaming their politicians for representing their preference.

    Obama has likely become one of the most hated presidents because of his goal to change that. Not to mention that the groundwork was already done because of his skin colour.