ISIS Kills Six Police in Eastern Afghanistan

District Police Chief Among the Slain in Nangarhar

A weekend attack against Afghan police in the Haska Mina District of Nangarhar Province saw ISIS fighters killing six police, including the district police chief. It is the first major attack in the province since the Afghan government claimed “victory” over ISIS there.

ISIS has had a significant presence around Nangarhar for several months now, broadcasting propaganda through a mobile radio station. Afghan officials claimed to have destroyed the station, but reports of broadcasts have continued.

Provincial officials sought to downplay the incident, claiming that the police had actually “defeated” ISIS and had killed 15 ISIS fighters, wounding seven others. There was no confirmation of the ISIS casualties from any other source, however.

ISIS has been recruiting across Afghanistan for years, but only has a significant presence in Nangarhar itself. Elsewhere, it has clashed with Taliban forces, but so far with limited results.

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