Report: Israeli Jets Attack Syrian Military Base in Homs

Locals Hear 'Huge Explosions' Amid Unconfirmed Reports

Locals near the base of the Syrian Army’s Fourth Mechanical Division reported hearing “huge explosions” over the weekend, as jets believed to belong to the Israeli military flew overhead. If confirmed, this would be the latest in a growing number of Israeli strikes on Syria.

Other reports claimed the attack took place against the air defense school of the Syrian Army, and that the bombings attacked warehouses stocked with anti-aircraft missiles. Despite the planes reportedly flying very low above the base, no attempt was made to fire on them.

As usual with reported Israeli attacks on Syria, neither the Syrian nor Israeli government would confirm the incident. Israel has virtually never commented on any of its strikes against Syria, beyond coy shows of approval for the deaths of slain Hezbollah figures.

Besides being yet another attack by Israel, if confirmed this would also mark the first attack since the installation of Avigdor Lieberman as Israel’s new Defense Minister. Lieberman would not comment directly on the reports, but did warn neighbors not to “test us.”

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  • survivor

    Very interesting. Bibi is or was in Moscow visiting Putin and then all of sudden Israel launches this airstrike and they did so with the Russian S400 in country? Some thing fishy about this.

  • Whose side are the Israelis on?

    • richardvajs

      Whose side are the Israelis on? – Theirs and theirs only

      • Eileen Kuch

        Absolutely .. And Israel’s attempting to provoke Putin into responding so they can start WW3 .. and Putin, as always, refuses to take their bait because he knows – like Russia – the USA is on the verge of bankruptcy, and that will stop USA aggression.
        Also, Putin’s an avid reader of THE ART OF WAR – a book written centuries ago by the ancient Chinese warrior and philosopher Sun Tzu – and a genius in both geopolitics and military strategy. The ancient warrior/philosopher had used the same tactics in ancient China around 498 BC that eventually unified the various provinces under that nation’s first Emperor, Wong-Di.

  • jjones

    What do you expect when the U.S. back Israel in every crime it commits.

  • Dxates

    Shoot down these vile terrorists squatting in Palestine. The IAF/IDF need to be brutally beat down to a pulp…NOW!

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Israel is trying to provoke Putin into responding so they can start WW3 and Putin, as always, refuses to take their bait because he knows, like the USSR, the USA is on the verge of bankruptcy and that will stop the US aggression.

  • Angel Talarico

    Are these ‘stories'(?) even true? Syria is under the modern Russian air force ‘umbrella’ and has sold advanced air defense systems to Syria. Something is missing. All of i$rael’s ‘armed forces’ can be wiped out within 24 hours and their covert ‘agents’ around the world (lions of judah) should have been identified and located long ago.

  • Black Swan

    Where’s the S-300 and S-400 missle defense systems when you need them?

  • boxofvapor

    Flexing their muscles and playing with fire. This has got to be the closest to WWIII that we have come in my lifetime. Missile defense going on-line, largest NATO training exercise ever, four carrier groups deployed, etc. etc. etc., if Trump is serious about changing NATO from an anti-Russia group he better start soon. Elect Hillary and that could be it. Of course it’s always possible that Obama wants to go out with a bang.

    Keep your bunker stocked, these people are crazy.