US Military Aid to Israel Stalled Over Questions of Israel-Made Arms

Obama Wants Entire Aid Package to Go to US Arms Makers

Disputes over the new 10-year military aid package for Israel continue, with the latest reports out of Israeli media outlets suggesting that there are disputes over both the exact size of the package and terms on how the money is to be spent.

It’s rarely discussed, but overwhelmingly the $3+ billion in annual US military aid to Israel doesn’t really go to Israel, not in cash at least. Rather, the money overwhelmingly goes to a handful of well-connected US arms makers, to pay for weapons they are to give Israel.

With reports flying around that the new aid package could approach $40 billion over 10 years, President Obama is said to be seeking more formal limitations to ensure that the money is going exclusively to US-made weapons. This is fueling disagreement as a fraction has in recent years gone to Israeli military-connected companies for “missile defense” systems.

Details are scant, however, on whether Obama intends to cut out the “missile defense” spending or is simply trying to sequester it from the rest of the aid package, and it is similarly unclear if Israel’s demands, in dollars amounts are based on the assumption that it will include that money as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of