Turkey Shells Northern Syria After Cross-Border Rocket Fire

At Least Five Wounded in Turkish Town of Kilis

Turkish military forces launched a series of artillery strikes against unspecified targets in northern Syria today, in response to rocket fire which hit the border town of Kilis, wounded at least five civilians in a town with a huge refugee population.

Kilis is across the border from the oft-contested Syrian border town of Azaz, which has traded hands among rebel factions throughout the civil war. It is unclear from reports where the rockets were fired from, and which faction was responsible.

ISIS has launched cross-border strikes into Turkish territory in recent weeks, however, and has often targeted places with significant refugee populations, which means they’re a likely candidate to have launched the strikes.

Turkey was quick to back the rebels when the Syrian Civil War began, and their territory has been a primary route for rebels to smuggle arms and fighters in. This has also left Turkey with assorted rebels, including Islamist groups, along their southern border.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.