CIA Director: Inevitable ISIS Will Try to Attack US

Claims US Prevented 'Numerous' ISIS Attacks Already

In new comments to 60 Minutes, CIA Director John Brennan continued to play up the idea of an ISIS attack inside the United States, saying it is “inevitable” that ISIS will make attempts to launch attacks, and will continue to try to build the infrastructure needed to do so.

Brennan went on to brag that the US has prevented “numerous” ISIS attacks already, and would be prepared to prevent the future attacks too. The comments in this regard are seen as part of an effort to try to get more money in the budget.

The claims of success, however, are not new, and the FBI regularly touts its large number of “foiled” attacks, even though many of the detained suspects were captured on unfounded allegations, and even when they manage to get convictions, the “ISIS” in question almost never have contact with ISIS itself.

Brennan’s lone example of a “real” attack was the claim that the CIA knew days before the Paris attack that something was going to happen somewhere, though this sort of vague prediction is hardly comforting, nor indicative of the ability to stop “something.”

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