ISIS ‘Technical College’ Producing Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Footage of Vast Weapon Lab Raises Concerns About ISIS Capabilities

ISIS has been claiming the ability to make surface-to-air missiles for awhile, but newly leaked footage of a “technical college” operating out of the ISIS capital of Raqqa has not only verified it, but provided a first glimpse into the group’s increasing capabilities.

The ISIS lab shows their ability to build heat-seeking warheads to revamp the large caches of missiles once thought totally out of date and useless, and giving them new relevance in the war. Shocking as it is, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The footage out of the lab also showed ISIS making remote controlled cars, complete with mannequin “drivers” who are able to evade scanning machines at checkpoints, along with massive caches of assorted explosives and improvised bombs.

Officials say the video is a “treasure trove” of information about ISIS capabilities, but what they can do about it is still unclear, as even if they manage to locate and destroy the lab, the capabilities are likely to remain.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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