German Cabinet Approves ISIS War, To Send 1,200 Troops

Opponents Slam Irresponsible, Open-Ended Strategy

Germany’s cabinet has signed off on a plan to sent aircraft, a frigate, and 1,200 troops to the Middle East to fight ISIS. The troops are said to be “non-combat,” and it is widely expected parliament with approve this in a vote in the next day or two.

The move comes just a week after Germany announced its intention to send 650 ground troops to Mali to fight alongside French troops there. In the wake of the Paris attacks German officials say they believe more international deployments are “militarily necessary.”

Opposition figures are critical, however, with Green Party chairwoman Simone Peter saying the deployment is legally dubious without UN authorization, has no political goal or apparent end-game. The German military’s Armed Services Association similarly expressed discomfort with the lack of “clearly defined goals,” saying it could mean the war lasts 10 years or more.

Polls suggest Germany is split roughly down the middle on the deployment, but that a strong majority believes sending troops against ISIS would significantly increase the threat of attacks inside Germany.

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