Saudi Airstrike Destroys Bus in Yemen’s Taiz, Kills 10 Civilians

Medics: Slain Were Workers Heading to a Factory

Adding to concerns about the Saudi military’s large civilian death toll in the Yemen war, warplanes attacked and destroyed a civilian bus in the city of Taiz today, killing at least 10 civilian workers, who medics said were heading to a local factory.

The bus was identified as belonging to a local company active in Taiz, and the company identified the slain as employees. Medics went on to say they were all heading to a factory, though it is unclear why they were attacked.

The city of Taiz is on the main highway between the pro-Saudi southern port of Aden and the Houthi-held capital city of Sanaa, and has been the center of a major military offensive for weeks, with both sides often hititng residential neighborhoods in the fighting.

Pro-Saudi government officials confirmed the incident earlier in the day, which is unusual as the Saudis have tended to respond to credible reports of civilian casualties with blanket denials in recent weeks. This may not preclude future denials, however.

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