Israeli Stabs Four Arabs in Southern Israel

Man Was 'Known to Police' Before Incident

While the talk of the town throughout Israel for the past week has been Palestinian stabbings and attempted stabbings of Israelis, today saw a very muted media reaction today when a Jewish Israeli went on a “stabbing rampage,” in the southern town of Dimona, stabbing four Arabs.

The attacker went after Arabs in several parts of town, first stabbing a municipal worker before finding another Arab not far from the school, and continuing on to get four in total. Mayor Benny Biton reported that the attacker was “known to police” prior to the incident.

While Israeli officials loudly condemn every attempted stabbing by a Palestinian as “Arab terror,” police described today’s attack as “nationalistic,” and said they believe it was “retaliation for recent Palestinian attacks.

Incredibly, the US State Department was pressed on all the stabbings, and similarly declared Palestinians stabbing Israelis as “terrorism” while explicitly ducking the question about the Dimona stabbings, calling it only an “act of violence.”

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