Netanyahu Claims ‘Victory’ as Israel Isn’t Called to Join NPT

Insists Blocking Egypt Proposal a 'Great Diplomatic Victory'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today touted a “great diplomatic victory” when the IAEA voted 61-43-33 against an Egyptian resolution which would’ve expressed formal “concern” over Israel’s nuclear arsenal, and urged them to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Netanyahu said Israel had spent weeks drumming up opposition to the resolution, and had “explained” the the countries voting that the real problem in the Middle East was Iran’s civilian nuclear program, saying it would be inappropriate to even mention Israel while the Iran deal was still in place.

Israel’s atomic energy director Ze’ev Snir lashed the IAEA even for voting against the resolution, saying that even allowing a vote on Israel’s nuclear arms “hurt the credibility of the IAEA” and was a waste of its time and resources.

The US, Australia, and Canada were the driving forces on the “no” side of the resolution. The resolution was backed by virtually the entire Middle East, as well as Russia and China. Israel has repeatedly ruling out signing the NPT.

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