After Taking Ramadi, ISIS Moves on Key Air Base

Move Aims to Stall Militia Counteroffensive

US officials are predicting Ramadi will be retaken by Iraqi forces in a matter of days, and Iraq’s government is urging thousands of Shi’ite militia into Anbar to try to make good on that.

But ISIS isn’t just resting on its laurels after seizing the Anbar capital, and its forces are massing against the Habbaniyah air base.

The base is a strategically important point for Iraqi forces trying to pressure ISIS in Ramadi, and looks to be the next battleground, as ISIS confronts the militia surge into the region.

Ramadi is just 70 miles from the capital city of Baghdad as well, meaning ISIS will be looking to consolidate its gains in the near term, but could make a big push against Baghdad itself soon thereafter.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of