Saudi Warplanes Destroy Former Yemeni President’s Home

Long-Time Ruler Saleh Urges Resistance to Saudi Invasion

Continuing the Saudi policy of attacking residential districts in major Yemeni cities, warplanes attacked and destroyed the home of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had ruled Yemen from 1978 through 2011.

Saleh was uninjured in the strike, and made a live public statement on television from the ruins of his former home shortly thereafter, calling on military forces still loyal to him to take up arms against the Saudi invasion.

Saleh was ousted in late 2011 during the Arab Spring, and President Hadi replaced him in a US-backed single candidate “election.” Hadi himself resigned in January, having lost much of the country to Shi’ite rebels.

But Hadi’s control, particularly in the military, was always somewhat uncertain, and many had claimed Saleh retained considerable power even after being forced from office. Though he engaged in several bloody wars against the Houthis himself during his own rule, Saleh has since been accused of being behind the Houthis’ success against Hadi’s forces.

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