Irked at Iran Talks, Saudi King Won’t Attend White House Meeting

Experts Say Saudis Also Irked at Obama's Recent Criticism

Over the last several days, the White House has trumpeted the planned visit of Saudi King Salman to the White House, saying it was a major move to consult on “bilateral issues.” Tonight, the Saudis announced the king isn’t coming.

In a move which Arab officials say is a “sign of disappointment” about the White House’s stance on Iran nuclear talks, the Saudis say they are planning to send the Interior Minister in the king’s stead.

Experts also believe the Saudis are angry about President Obama’s recent comments, in which he warned the Saudis and other GCC nations should worry more about internal unrest.

The Saudis had apparently been hoping to secure an official treaty in which the US would formally pledge military support to them in a future war against Iran, though the White House was trying to get by with simply a non-binding presidential statement on the matter.

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