Suicide Bombing Kills Mourners at Baghdad Shi’ite Mosque

Bomber Targeted Funeral at Key Shi'ite Mosque

A suicide bomber infiltrated the crowd at the entrance of a Shi’ite mosque during a funeral today, detonating himself and killing at least 19 people, wounding 28 others.

It is just the latest in a surge of suicide bombings in the past month, with ISIS forces drawing ever closer to the Iraqi capital, and the escalating sectarian war bringing increasing violence nationwide.

Though ISIS has increasingly transitioning to a more traditional military in fighting against Iraq, it continues to have capabilities for carrying out large numbers of suicide attacks, and has been doing so alongside the conflict.

Though ISIS has yet to claim responsibility for the mosque attack, it is all but certainly them or one of their affiliates, as such groups are constantly carrying out attacks on Iraq’s Shi’ite majority.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of