Iraq PM Poised to Grant Interior Ministry to Powerful Shi’ite Militia

Badr Brigade Held Up Previous Nominees

Iraqi Prime Minister Hayder Abadi tried to offer consensus choices for Defense and Interior Ministers last month, and was quickly shot down by the Badr Brigade, a powerful Shi’ite militia that claims it deserves both offices.

Though Sunnis had praised Abadi previously for not giving in to them, and resisting their demands, it looks like his resistance has worn out, and the brigade is going to get at least the Interior Ministry.

Reports tonight are that the Badr Brigade’s current leader, Transportation Minister Hadi Amiri, is going to be given the Interior Ministry spot, and that Abadi will try to re-nominate Sunni Jaber Jaberi as Defense Minister.

Jaberi has already been shot down by the Shi’ites, who are uncomfortable seeing a Sunni in such a powerful position. That the Badr Brigade got the Interior Ministry through kicking and screaming is likely to lead other major Shi’ite factions to hold out for a concession of their won, and the Badrs themselves are sure to lead the way in pushing for that portfolio as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of