Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Kill Woman, Two-Year-Old Girl

Israel, Palestinians Differ Over Who Broke Ceasefire First

With the Gaza ceasefire now over, Israel has launched 35 airstrikes across Gaza City over the course of the evening. One hit a home, killing a woman and her two-year-old daughter. 16 other injuries have been reported.

The house was hit with three rockets from an Israeli F-16 jet, and was likely not the intended target, as it is not far from the offices of al-Aqsa TV, a common target of Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Details are still scant, but the reports have also suggested all of the wounded were related to the two slain, and were all hit in the same series of strikes. Who was hit in Israel’s other 34 attacks remains unclear so far.

Israel insists the attacks were retaliation for a handful of rockets which were fired out of the strip about 6 hours before the ceasefire ended. Palestinians claimed an Israeli bombing took place first, then the rockets were fired. It is impossible to confirm which happened.

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