18 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Fights With Eastern Rebels

18 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Fights With Eastern Rebels | 54 wounded in multiple fights with rebels across east

The Ukrainian military has continued its fight against eastern rebels in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts today, reporting multiple battles which left 18 soldiers dead and 54 wounded.

The Ukrainian military spokesman reported the casualties spanned several battles in both oblasts, including a four-hour battle along the Luhansk-Russia border, during which they claimed to have been fired on from rebels on both sides of the border.

That’s not the first time such allegations have come about, and the mostly ethnic Russian rebels have at times moved in and out of neighboring Russia at will. The Ukrainian military insists it is close to defeating the rebels.

The ongoing war in eastern Ukraine has left around 1,100 people dead, according to UN estimates. The estimates of Ukrainian soldiers slain is around 400, with the remainder including both rebels and a large number of civilians slain in Ukrainian attacks on rebel-held cities. Roughly one million civilians have fled the fighting, most of them to Russia.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • RickR30

    C'mon rebels, keep it up!

  • Mojo

    Fighting the Neo or old fascism is fighting for a functioning democracy by the people and for the people, and that's what these fighters are doing.

  • John Ellis

    The fascist coup government should take care, for Russians have a long memory and a red line against subjecting their people to another fascist genocide. For fascists hold that those born most intelligent deserve to hoard all the wealth, namely Western Europeans, socialist Russia has politics quite the reverse and my prediction be that Putin will have a peace keeping force completely encircling East Ukraine before the year is out.

  • Michael Kenny

    Sounds like the Ukrainian military are near to winning the fight. Not really surprising. They're fighting to defend their own territory. In WWI, for example, Austria used Croat and Slovene soldiers against the Italians because they knew that the territory the Italians wanted to grab had an Italian minority but was predominantly Croat or Slovene. They fought off the Italians because they saw themsleves as defending their homeland against the Italian invaders. The Ukrainians fighting for Donetsk and Lugansk see things the same way.

    • Bob

      MK, you are a well known, long time deluded idiot.

    • Mojo

      So, what you are saying is that Kiev government trying to cleansing the eastern Ukraine of Russia speaking people, right? And therefore the Kiev Neo fascism government kisses the ass of Anders Fogh Rattmussen, the head of NATO for more military and mercenaries support from the Swedish to German to Greece Neo fascism. What a F king democracy.

      • Alex

        The situation is more complicated.On one side the Kiev army fight for keeping the territory of Ukraine,on the other side they understand that they are killing yheir own people.That is why Kiev need to use words like anti terroristic operation and also why it go so slowly.The army is not very motivated.Many officers on side and the other side know each other and they understand the absurdity of the whole situation.Many wounded soldiers are threated in Russia because they were left on the battle field by their own army.They are afraid to come back home because they will judged as desertors.Some already returned and are in jails.Mothers of these young guys are protesting .Europ do not want to see the reality, neither help the refugees,Mrs Ashton ignore them. It is easiers for Obama and Europ to accuse Russia than find solutions.They are blind and stupid. Kiev is acting like soviet leaders but in us uniforms.