Deadliest Day for Gaza as Israel Pounds Civilians in Shujaiyeh

Bodies Strewn Through Streets as Survivors Flee

At least 100 Palestinians, overwhelmingly civilians, were killed today in what is the single deadliest day for residents of the Gaza Strip during the ongoing Israeli war.

The bulk of the toll was in the Shujaiyeh suburb of Gaza City, where heavy shelling by Israeli forces left bodies strewn in the streets, and the remaining survivors desperately fleeing on foot. At least 67 were killed there alone.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was harshly critical of the latest Israeli offensive, calling it “atrocious” and demanding that the IDF do more to protect civilian bystanders in the invasion.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to defend the killings, saying the civilians had been warned to flee before the attack, and that therefore it wasn’t their fault.

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