Syrian Rebels Kill 50 in Aleppo Rocket Fire

Many Civilians, Including Nine Children, Among the Slain

It’s coming up on two years now since government and rebel forces started fighting over the key north Syrian city of Aleppo, and a decisive win both thought would come in a matter of hours has dragged on into a protracted quagmire.

Territory rarely changes hands that often anymore in the city, but “enemy territory” is regularly hit with rockets, mortars, indeed anything. This weekend, the attacks came from Islamist rebels, and left at least 50 people dead.

According to rebel mouthpiece the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a number of civilians were among the slain in the rocket strikes, including nine children.

Government forces similarly launched attacks on rebel-held territory in Aleppo, with reports of 13 killed in a barrel bomb attack late Sunday. As usual, no territory changed hands, but many civilians were killed on both sides.

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