Ukraine: Eastern Offensive Continues Despite Deal

Russia: Kiev Misinterpreted Deal Text

Yesterday’s Geneva deal on eastern Ukraine is looking less and less relevant tonight as Ukraine’s interim government confirmed today that it won’t have any impact on the ongoing military invasion of the region.

Officials for Ukraine’s State Security Service insisted the “anti-terrorist” operation against the east would continue as long as “terrorists remain in our country.” Ukraine has taken to labeling secessionists as terrorists in recent weeks.

Russia, for its part, says Ukraine misinterpreted the text as an affirmation of their rule over the country. The inclusion of calls for “illegal” factions to return territory to legitimate owners was seen in Russia as hitting the interim government as well as the current round of protesters.

Russia says it interpreted the deal as applying equally to the protester-led government in east Ukraine and the protester-led national government in Kiev.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of