General: Gitmo Camp 7 Building ‘Unsustainable’

'Temporary Structure' Struggling Under Permanent Use

SOCOM commander Gen. John Kelly warned Congress today that “camp 7” at Guantanamo Bay, initially intended to be a temporary facility, is “increasingly unsustainable” and the structure is deteriorating.

Camp 7 was meant to hold “high value detainees” and still has 15 people in it. The detainees are blindfolded whenever they live, and transported in windowless vans so they don’t know where they’re being held.

The Pentagon sought funding for the construction of a permanent replacement building last year, but Gen. Kelly says after failing last year they won’t try again this year for that funding.

It’s unclear how they’re going to handle the crumbling foundation around the “temporary” structure, as none of the 15 held there are intended to ever be released or relocated, and apparently now the plan is just to keep them in the crumbling building until it collapses outright.

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