Another US Drone Strike Hits Yemen as Protests Grow

Tribe Demands Apology for Last Week's Wedding Strike

With protests continuing against US drone strikes in Yemen, another drone attack was reported in Hadramaut Province, hitting a car in the province. There is still no confirmation of the number of casualties in the strike.

Last week’s Thursday drone strike hit a wedding procession, killing at least 17 people, and sparking major protests among the tribesmen whose families were killed in the strike.

The Yemeni government has reportedly paid the relatives of the victims some $150,000 in compensation, along with providing 100 guns to the tribe in an attempt to placate them.

The tribe’s mediator said that this was a good first step, but they also want an apology for the attack, and an end to all drone strikes. The Yemeni parliament has banned drone strikes now, but there is no indication that the US intends to apologize, or even abide by the ban.

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