Afghans Demand Admission of US ‘Errors’

Karzai: Letter Would End Opposition to Night Raids

The Afghan government is demanding a letter from President Obama admitting US errors during the war, along with a “display of contrition” for innocent Afghans harmed by it.

The White House is insisting that President Obama absolutely will not apologize for anything the US military has done during the occupation of Afghanistan. But is that just a semantic point?

It could be, as Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s office says that the letter would be “tantamount” to an apology but not technically an apology, and they seem fine with the US not really saying they are “sorry” for anything.

In return for the admission of some wrongdoing, Karzai will reportedly end all public opposition to US night raids, one of the most controversial aspects of the occupation, and the pact will allow them to continue unfettered.

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