White House: No Apology for Occupation of Afghanistan

Initial Reports Said Post-2014 Pact Included Promise of Apology

Though initial reports from the Afghan government say that the pact on keeping US occupation forces in the country beyond 2014 included “assurances” that President Obama would issue a letter of apology for “mistakes” made during the invasion and subsequent occupation, the White House insists that will not happen.

“There is not a need for the United States to apologize to Afghanistan. Quite the contrary,” insisted Susan Rice, who said that no apology was even being considered by the White House.

Several incidents stand out particularly dramatically among Afghans, including the Kandahar massacre and the military’s burning of Qurans at Bagram. The massive civilian death toll of 12+ years of occupation is, of course, also a concern.

But war means never having to say you’re sorry, at least in the minds of Congressional hawks, who insist that an apology would be unacceptable on any grounds, and see a protracted occupation by American troops, which may now extend well beyond 2024, as the only “reward” the Afghan government needs, or will ever get.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.