Obama Plans Intense Media Campaign to Sell Syria War

Six Monday Interviews and a High-Profile Tuesday Speech

White House officials filled the Sunday news circuit with pro-war interviews, the first step in what is being called a “full-court press” media campaign by the administration to try to sell the vAmerican public and the hugely unpopular Syrian War.

The last two weeks of effort in selling the war has proven spectacularly unsuccessful in moving poll numbers, which still show broad opposition to the war, and the indication now is that they’re going more heavy-handed and high-profile with the campaigning for the conflict.

Monday night television is going to all-war, all-channels, as President Obama is taping six distinct pro-war interviews for six different networks to be broadcasted that night, ahead of a planned Tuesday speech.

With officials having convinced themselves long ago that the war was a good idea, they claim to “understand” Americans’ reticence, but nothing in their recent media blitz has suggested any such understanding, nor is there any indication that there’s a “new” plan on selling the war.

Instead, the policy seems to be browbeating the public with claims that the secret evidence is undeniable, even as they angrily refuse to let anybody but a handful of already pro-war Congressmen see this so-called proof.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.