Everywhere But Yemen: US Embassies to Reopen in Next Few Days

Withdraws Lahore Consulate Staff Over Security Threats

With officials now satisfied that the much-vaunted “terror threat” that closed a number of US embassies and consulate is basically over, the State Departments says that they are reopening the closed facilities within the next few days.

All but one: officials confirmed that the embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa will remain closed indefinitely, giving no indication on when that site will reopen but saying there is are “ongoing concerns about a threat stream” there.

Yemeni officials dubbed the plot “foiled” days ago, and indicated that it had nothing to do with embassies at any rate, but was rather a bid to capture several towns along the southern coast, including some with Western oil and gas company presences.

Still, officials don’t feel like they’re doing their job unless they’re scaring us about something, and they simultaneously announced that they are withdrawing most of the staff from the consulate in Lahore, Pakistan on a totally unrelated “threat.”

A city of around 12 million, Lahore is Pakistan’s second largest. The US Consulate there was previously the home of Raymond Davis, a CIA operative disguised as a consulate worker who murdered two people on the streets of Lahore in early 2011.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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