US ‘Democracy Aid’ Bankrolled Egypt’s Coup

NED Bankrolled Proponents of Violent Regime Change

The so-called “democracy assistance” provided by the US State Department, and funneled through groups like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been controversial for years, cynically bankrolling foreign political parties seen as pro-US under the guise of supporting democratic institutions. What they did in Egypt really takes the cake.

Despite the Obama Administration’s pretense of remaining “neutral” on the matter of Egypt’s military coup, the records show that the “democracy aid” funding in large measure bankrolled pro-coup opposition groups, and other proponents of violent regime change.

The various NGO activists included Col. Soliman, a top member of Egypt’s notorious secret police during the Mubarak era, who received tens of thousands of dollars through the NED to encourage violent attacks on Morsi government officials.

Soliman is just one of many on the State Department dole, and combined they constitute virtually the whole leadership of the anti-Morsi movement that organized protests, at the behest of US officials, to justify the military takeover.

The military planned its takeover for months, and made it clear they were just waiting for the excuse. US taxpayer dollars funded the creation of that excuse in great measure.

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