Assad Backer Assassinated in Southern Lebanon

Shot Over Two Dozen Times In His Home

Mohammad Jemo, a top figure in the Global Arab Expatriates Organization and a supporter of Syrian President Bashar Assad, was assassinated inside his home in Lebanon this morning.

The attackers are said to have confronted Jemo inside his home and shot him over two dozen times at point-blank range with an assault rifle. Jemo was apparently ambushed while carrying shopping bags into the house from his car.

Syria’s state media blamed “terrorists” linked to the Syrian rebels for the killings, noting that Jemo had reported multiple recent death threats. The Lebanese government has reported two suspects arrested so far, one Lebanese and one Syrian. Security officials say the attack was likely planned, and that the attackers appeared aware that Jemo’s home security system was recently broken and awaiting repairs.

The killing has fueled more concerns among Lebanese officials of all political stripes that Syrian Civil War spillover is getting worse. The Jemo assassination occurred just south of Sidon too, which has been the site of recent sectarian violence.

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