Israel Steps Up Information War Against Hezbollah

Hypes 'Threat' Posed by Hezbollah Amid Attacks on Syria

Though the Israeli government never officially admits to any of its attacks on Syria, every one so far this year (at least four confirmed) have been followed by Israeli claims about Hezbollah acquiring defensive weapons and “red lines” of Hezbollah arms.

The efforts to paint Hezbollah as some sort of new “threat” to Israeli interests has led the Israeli military’s “interactive media branch” to launch a new Hezbollah web site hyping the militia’s size and claiming it has plans to destroy all Jews, everywhere, as part of an Iran-backed plot.

The English-language page is one of the most straightforward attempts at “information warfare” ever attempted by Israel’s military, but is also fairly lazily implemented, little more than a WordPress blog that a single 25-year-old private cobbled together pushing the narrative of the group as a singularly aggressive terrorist organization whose political wing is just an excuse to hide weapons in hospitals.

Ultimately, it’s little more than the blog-version of what you get from any Israeli official on TV news. Still, it’s creation points not only to Israel’s effort to get more nations to recognize Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization,” but to get people more comfortable with the Israeli position as Israeli warplanes continue to attack Syria on this pretext.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of