Egypt Junta Uses Monday Massacre as Excuse for More Arrests

Orders Arrest of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders for 'Incitement'

Monday’s massacre of protesters in the Egyptian capital city of Cairo is the gift that keeps on giving for the military junta, who not only got to kill at least 53 civilian opponents of last week’s coup, but are now using it as an excuse to arrest more of them.

The junta is now ordering the arrests of 10 more Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including the group’s top figure Mohammed Badie, for “inciting” the military to shoot all those civilian protesters.

The military seems even more keen to round up the remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood, the bulk of whose leadership was already captured during the coup, since they announced they will not join the “interim cabinet” being appointed by the junta leadership, and are planning more protests at the restoration of President Mohammed Morsi.

The crackdowns and the edicts suggesting a return to Mubarak-era authoritarianism have cost the junta considerable support among political factions that were initially supportive of the idea of a coup and fresh elections, but now fear that the military is going to consolidate power with the imposition of a new constitution.

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