US Remains Comfortable With Egypt’s Coup

Egypt Envoy: It's Not Technically a Coup

Egyptian Ambassador Mohamed Tawfik was quick to spurn the notion that Egypt had undergone a “military coup,” just because the military has seized control of the nation, jailing the former government and was now running things.

Whatever they want to call it though, the Obama Administration has appeared entirely comfortable with the matter, and Senators on Sunday news shows were quick to agree, greeting the coup with support for continued aid in the name of “democracy.”

Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) was a rare dissenter, but he doesn’t seem to represent his part on the matter, as Rep. Mike Rogers (R – MI) said the military out to be “rewarded” for the stabilizing presence its coup has served.

Though US law is clear that you can’t aid a junta after a coup, and English language dictionaries are pretty clear on what the word “coup” means, the decision among officials is that never the twain shall meet, and aid won’t be impacted by pesky things like the law.

Members of the ousted government say they have been under pressure from US diplomats to simply accept the coup as reality, urging them to embrace being ousted by the military, at least the ones who aren’t being held without charges by the military, and “engage” in whatever political process may emerge from the junta’s edicts.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of